South Australia Passes Gambling Regulation Reforms

South Australia Passes Gambling Regulation Reforms

The State Government has welcomed new laws to regulate gambling in South Australia. Due to the changes, the Independent Gambling Authority (IGA) will stop all operations on December 1. All policy and regulation activity will be taken over by Consumer and Business Services (CBS).

Vickie Chapman, Attorney General, stated staff at the IGA and CBS will work with each other to ensure the transition is seamless. The new system will be implemented at the beginning of December. Chapman says, “This is about providing the best regulatory environment for both the sector and the community.”

Chapman also states that former Supreme Court Judge Tim Anderson reviewed the need for gambling regulation in South Australia. The government intends to make this reform a reality. The Attorney General further asserts, “These changes will eliminate any doubling up of regulatory and policy functions, and ensure there can be an effective coordinated response to issues as they arise.”

Legal Gambling in South Australia

Gambling On the RiseChapman states that CBS will continue updating license holders on how this transition will affect them before December 1.

The Attorney General says, “Ultimately, both licensees and the broader community should experience little-to-no difference in operations on December 1 – beyond Consumer and Business Services now being the main point of contact, and not the IGA.”

After the change, the Commissioner will take a broader look at all regulation pertaining to gaming in South Australia. Other aspects in Mr. Anderson’s report, including online gambling, will also be reviewed, according to Chapman.

Gambling Popularity in Australia

Gambling has increased in popularity in Australia. In the last fifteen years, internet and interactive gambling has become more appealing to gamers. It is also the fastest growing form of gambling. Interactive gambling is different from land-based gambling in a number of ways. Internet gambling is much more accessible and can be played at any time. Because of this, interactive gambling is convenient, but it can also be a huge temptation for problem gamblers.

The Australian Government asserts online gambling can be less harmful if gaming is regulated in the country. Community education pertaining to gambling risks is beneficial and may keep Australians from becoming problem gamblers.

Problem Gambling Among South Australians

Gambling has become a fun pastime for many in South Australia and other parts of the world. However, there are some signs that indicate problem gambling. Compulsive gamblers habitually bet far more than they can afford to lose; to the detriment of themselves and their families. Some problem gamblers will also sell valuable items to get the money they need to settle debts. Often, the gambler won’t tell friends or loved ones that they are selling the items, due to guilt or fear or being ridiculed.

Gamblers may also frequently borrow money from friends or loved ones to pay bills after spending the money gambling. Gamers who feel an overwhelming sense of stress and anxiety whenever they gamble may also be compulsive or problem gamblers.

The new regulations on gambling in South Australia will hopefully reduce the number of problem gamblers in the country. Those who think they may have a gambling problem are encouraged to contact the Problem Gambling website for South Australia at

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