Rajasthani’s up to Vote to Legalize Gambling

Rajasthani’s up to Vote to Legalize Gambling

It has been said that in the town of Phalodi in Rajasthan, there are citizens who will gamble on anything. During the rainy season, bookies take bets on how heavy the rain will be during the day. They don’t have an exact millimeter measurement on a rain gauge of how much rain has fallen. Instead, bookies measure the amount of rainfall by whether or not the drains on the street start overflowing. The state of Rajasthan will vote on whether or not to legalize gambling, and it is expected to pass. Gambling experts are looking to Rajasthan as the example of how other states in India might pass gambling legislation.

The State of Rajasthan and Gambling

betting and gamblingPhalodi, which is about 75 miles from Jodhpur in the state of Rajasthan, is a gambling-loving city. The people of Phalodi gamble on the outcome of soccer and cricket games. They gamble on election results. They gamble on the outcome of soap operas on Indian television. Experts have estimated that between $250 and $350 million is bet during the Indian Premier League season alone. Election cycle bets are equally as lucrative.

The people of Rajasthan are intensely interested in (and placing bets on) the upcoming elections in December. The party (BJP) that has historically been in favor of gambling wants to gain more seats in the state house. The state may also legalize all forms of gambling, including casino gambling and online gambling.

Recent Advances in Gambling Legislation

The Law Commission of India suggested earlier this year to legalize all forms of gaming nationwide. It is stated the Indian government has lost billions of dollars in tax revenues from gambling companies. In addition, the commission noted that illegal gambling has contributed to the growth of criminal activity linked to gambling. The commission believed that by legalizing gambling, the country would cut down on criminal activity. Their argument was bolstered further by the state of Phalodi. Phalodi has seen a 30 percent increase in arrests for illegal gambling operations in 2018. These arrests were mostly small-time bookies. They spent time in jail while their bosses kept the money they earned.

Phalodi’s Early Introduction into Gambling

In Phalodi, which could be seen as a gambling mecca, children learn how to bet at an early age. They are frequently taken by their fathers to gambling markets and get on a first-name basis with bookies. Many people believe when a teenager makes his first bet, it is cause for celebration.

The prevailing attitude in Phalodi is that gambling is not a vice. It is not considered evil, even when people go heavily into debt and sell property to settle their losses. In Phalodi, people have been gambling in the country for hundreds of years. Many people in the community are bookies and are wildly popular in Pahlodi. There was a story recently about one bookmaker in the community. When he died, the whole town shut down, and thousands attended his funeral.

It is only a matter of time before Phalodi legalizes gambling. However, it remains to be seen whether or not the entire country will vote on the legalization of gambling. Many gambling experts believe that eventually most of the country will vote to legalize gambling. However, there will still be some areas that will not allow gambling because of religious beliefs.

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