Pulev to Face Commission after Forcibly Kissing a Female Reporter

Pulev to Face Commission after Forcibly Kissing a Female Reporter

The commission for a disgusting kiss that left a female reporter humiliated has suspended Boxer Kubrat Pulev.

The California State Athletic Commission for his previous acts has since suspended the boxing heavyweight. The said female reporter named Jennifer SuShe Ravalo was reportedly left humiliated after the Bulgarian heavyweight contender kissed her on the lips. It is also important to note that Kubrat Pulev is in line to face Anthony Joshua as his primary challenger.

Disgusting Incident

Boxer Kubrat Pulev suspendedAccording to the CSAC -California State Athletic Commission, the incident can only be referred to as disgusting. On the other hand, the reporter has gone ahead to take legal actions against the boxer. According to the lead attorney, in this case, Gloria Allred, the boxer’s actions were unlawful and unwelcome. The CSAC has also given new conditions before the fighter could be allowed to take part in his next game. The boxer must make an appearance before the commission before he could be granted a license to take part in the California game. He has to prove that he will be able to conform to this principle of respect, lest he misses this next match.

How the Events Unfolded

In her own statement, the reporter narrated how the events unfolded. Ravalo stated that these events took place during an interview that she was conducting. She illustrated how the player grabbed her face and kissed her as the interview continued. What followed next was an embarrassment and shock. She did not know how to explain all that had happened.

More Embarrassing Events

The reporter was then forced to walk to the table to put her items in her backpack. Even at this point, more embarrassing events continued to happen. The player went ahead to grab both her buttocks and squeezed them with both his hands. He then walked away without saying a word and later laughed.

What Followed Next

Jennifer RavaloIn her wildest imaginations, the reporter would never imagine that the player would ever treat her in that manner. The events made her frustrated and uncomfortable. She said that she did not consent to or encourages Mr. Pulev to grab her face, and kissed her. She also did not encourage or allow the player to grab her backside.

Ravalo is a professional member of the press, and she was there to cover the events of the boxing match. She alludes to the fact that kissing a woman on her lips and grabbing her backside without her consent is not acceptable. According to her, no woman should ever undergo this kind of treatment.

CSAC’s Stand on the Matter

From the outset, CSAC has treated this issue as a serious matter. Veronica Harms, the director of communication at the agency pointed out that they take that incident seriously. That explains why he has been summoned to appear before the commission and prove that he will comply with this respect principle. The next hearing has been slated for the 14th of May. The reporter, Jennifer Ravalo alias ShuShe is expected to attend.

“We Have Been Friends” Insists Pulev

Even though the events have been condemned heavily in the sporting world, Pulev still denies that the reporter took offense of his actions. He insists that he has been good friends with the player, even though they had only met a day before. He said that he was so happy after the interview and decided to kiss her. He also stated that the reporter joined her and his friends at the post-fight celebrations. The celebrations were held later that night.

This happened in the wake of the numerous gender-based scandals that have been rocking different prominent personalities within the entertainment industry

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