Playtech BGT Sports Enjoys Record-Breaking World Cup

Playtech BGT Sports Enjoys Record-Breaking World Cup

Playtech BGT Sports (PBS) has termed this year’s World Cup as the best one ever for the company. This is as its self-service betting terminals (SSBTs) recorded rapid growth in revenue and retail space. The company says it has experienced a 400 percent growth compared with the previous World Cup in Brazil.

Introduction of new products has enhanced the growth

PBS revealed it processed more than 3.5 million tickets for this year’s World Cup in Russia, which is a large increase over the tickets it sold for the World Cup tournament of four years ago. Since the 2014 World Cup, PBS has introduced a variety of new and innovative products for its customers. The company has entered new markets, improved cashout tools, introduced new goal scorer options, and enhanced its in-play user experience. A combination of these features has helped the company realize this growth.

In-play betting contributed to 34 percent of the revenue for the company. This is a significant growth when you consider the same contributed to just 12 percent in the 2014 World Cup. This shows there is a growth in the number of people who placed their bets as the matches are being played. Consequently, the availability of live games on TV seems to be a major determinant in this kind of betting.

In-play turnover doesn’t depend on the match

There is a strong belief that only big matches can generate the most money when it comes to in-play betting. However, this is not always true. This was proven during this year’s World Cup. PBS said that the Croatia v. Denmark game had the highest in-play turnover compared with the other matches. This shows that although the Round of 16 game had a low profile, the fact it was played at the right time of the day helped to push this growth.

Availability of World Cup TV pictures in many places also drives the growth

John Pettit, the company’s managing director for the United Kingdom, Australia, Asia, and Ireland, said the figures should not be surprising. He said he was happy the company had generated so much revenue for its partners in the United Kingdom and Ireland. He added the availability of live World Cup TV pictures almost everywhere played a key role in enhancing in-play betting.

Pettit added this year’s World Cup shattered the old belief that fans are only interested in betting on English matches or the “big games.” He noted that given the Croatia v. Denmark match smashed the record, it is clear the market has changed or there was a lack of a good understanding previously. In his closing remarks, Pettit noted the Round of 16 matches showed it is the combination of pictures and data at the right time that helps in driving in-play betting revenues.

The Croatia v. Denmark match is a clear demonstration for any company that wishes to generate the most from in-play betting. They must target a game that has a large audience. As demonstrated in this case, such an audience can only be achieved when the game is played at the right time, and when it is easily available on TV.

PBS’ Match Acca also helped in fueling this growth

Recently, PBS successfully introduced its Match Acca product. This product allows a person to mix a selection within a given match market and create his or her bet. PBS’ Match Acca gives players access to many in-play matches that are popular among the players until the end of the day. And, unlike the traditional over-the-counter business that only runs through the afternoon, the terminal generates turnover until the evening.

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