Ontario’s Communities Receive Record $39.6 Million from Casinos

Ontario’s Communities Receive Record $39.6 Million from Casinos

A record quarter for gaming in Ontario means a record revenue check for the communities in the province. Ontario’s communities received nearly $40 million from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. The group noted that much of the growth in the second quarter came from casinos. This shows that growth continues in Ontario despite a downward casino trend in North America overall.

Gambling in Ontario

Casino GamblingOntario is Canada’s most populated province. Nearly 40 percent of the population of Canada lives in Ontario. There are two large cities that have casinos, one of which is Toronto. The gambling laws in Canada are different from those in the United States. However, just as in the United States, the province (state) makes the rules regarding gambling. However, crimes against the gambling agencies are under federal control. In Ontario, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLGC) runs province-wide gaming and oversees rule infractions. Offerings of the OLGC include lottery games, casinos, and slots or video poker in locations other than casinos. The province does not have an online lottery. However, it does have other forms of online gaming, such as poker, sportsbooks with parlay bets, and casino games. Lottery retailers offer video lottery terminals where gamblers can play slot games and other computer-generated games. They can also purchase lottery tickets and scratch-off tickets.

The Revenue

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation paid nearly $37 million in revenue payments from its quarter two revenue. Twenty-four communities in Ontario received a share of the money. All 24 locations have some form of gaming in them. It could be a casino, race track, slot or video lottery terminals or the lottery. The OLGC determines how much each area receives based on how large it is. It also looks at how many forms of gaming each area has. The communities can use the payments for many different programs. Some communities use them for educational opportunities and scholarships. Other communities use the money for social service programs. Gaming revenue also pays for health-care programs and outreach programs for alcoholism and drug abuse. Each community uses the funding to help its people.

While Overall Payments Remain Stable, Some Communities Have Fluctuations

The quarter two payments to communities have remained fairly stable within the last two years. This is despite the fact that quarter two earnings are down slightly from the earnings in quarter one. In the last decade, the agency estimates it has paid out nearly $1.5 billion in community checks. The commission also contributes nearly $60 million yearly to a corporate responsibility fund. This fund works with communities to create programs for problem gamblers.

The amount of money varies from community to community. However, it is important to note that it is in the community’s best interest to work with the gaming industry. The scale of payments is on the graduated revenue scale. That means some communities, such as Chatham-Kent, received a little more than $216,000 for hosting one casino. Other communities, such as Windsor, received $3.5 million. This figure was actually lower than expected for the second quarter, but it was much larger than first quarter revenue. Revenue was down in the first quarter because of a labor strike, which closed area casinos for nearly two months. Once the casinos managed to resolve the labor issues, they reopened, and the community received a check.

Other areas of Canada have similar funds. Each province that has gaming has a method to distribute the revenue to its communities. That way, gamers can gamble for entertainment and the community, as a whole, benefits.

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