Nutella Is Rolling Out a Breakfast Slot Machine In Japan

Nutella Is Rolling Out a Breakfast Slot Machine In Japan

Gambling has been big business in Asia for quite some time. However, the newest development in Japan’s slot machines is what has described as “plain nuts,” and with good reason.

If you’re a gamer and love spreading Nutella on your toast in the morning, you’ll like the Nutella slot machine. The Nutella Morning Slot will soon make its debut at a mall in Osaka, Japan. The machine is a fun way for players to try their luck. The element of surprise is a huge part of the enjoyment of gambling. But, those who play this slot know they’ll likely be happy no matter what they win.

The parent company of Nutella, Ferrero, will run the slot machine. Users will play the machine without knowing which variety of Nutella they will win. This makes the machine an expert marketing strategy since customers can try a variety of Nutella products.

A Promotional Event

From Nov. 23 to Nov. 25, the Nutella Morning Slot will be free to use for promotional purposes. There are 20 Nutella varieties in the machine. And, players can also “win” a slice of bread to spread the Nutella on. The machine provides players with several topping choices as well. The choices include fruits, such as berries and bananas, and chopped nuts. The players can’t control the combination they might win, which makes the game exciting. Of course, Nutella also hopes players will discover a combination of flavors that they like. And, that will make them want to purchase more of the chocolate hazelnut spread in the future.

Nutella Morning Slot and Social Media

The Nutella Morning Slot has been advertised as a free tasting event. Nutella announced via Instagram that the machine would soon appear in Osaka. The advertisement featured a slice of bread topped with Nutella. The “jackpot” were tasty sides.

The Nutella Morning Slot is a machine that is mainly for breakfast snacks. However, the machine will be at the Grand Front Osaka mall from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. for the three-day promotion. The prevailing message of the marketing plan indicates it’s impossible for Nutella lovers to “lose” when they utilize the machine.

Gambling On the Rise

Gambling On the RiseEven if you’re not in Osaka, you’ve likely played the slots if you’re a gaming fan. Of course, the slots you play in other parts of the world won’t win you a piece of Nutella-topped toast. However, there are incentives attached to slot machines and other forms of gaming.

Slot machines are increasing in popularity in land casinos and online gaming sites. To operate a land-based slot machine, users have to drop a token or coin into the machine. Gamers then push a button or pull a handle. This produces a random outcome. However, the gamer hopes the images in the slot machine will match since this results in a prize.

Online slots work much the same way. The game is in digital form, but the gamer tells the slot machine when to “go.” Then, the images spin before stopping on a combination. There are more ways to play slots online, which increases the chances of winning, according to research. This is the reason online slot games, such as Starburst, have become more popular around the world. Starburst provides more slot game options compared with other online gaming sites. This makes it appealing to those who are new to gambling. The increased odds of winning and the prize’s appeal are what makes the machines so popular. This is likely the reason the Nutella Morning Slot will result in more devoted customers for the brand.

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