NSW Third-Party Exclusion Plan Allows Families to Exclude Family Members from Gambling

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Under the new agreement in New South Wales, family members can exclude relatives from gambling if they have a problem. This has been an issue for some time in Australia. Research has proven that many casinos and video poker halls allow people to self-exclude, but it is often not enforced. This new provision may help to address some of the issues when problem gamblers continue to gamble.

New South Wales

New South Wales is a major tourist destination, because of Sydney and also because of national parks in the area. New South Wales has two large casinos, and thousands of video poker machines, or “pokies.” The poker machines can be found in locations throughout the area.

Pokie Trouble

Pokie TroubleIt is estimated there are approximately 200,000 video poker machines (pokies) in Australia. Many people have complained about them because there is one machine for every 114 people. Poker machines can be found in shopping centers, airports, gas stations, movie theaters, and grocery stores. The most popular place to play a pokie is in a local club. Research has shown that these social clubs provide people with social relationships as well as opportunities to gamble. Many people enjoy the entertainment of gambling. However, the availability of poker machines makes it difficult for problem gamblers. Critics have noted the availability of poker machines, and the losses are the reason for the increase of problem gamblers. The amount of money lost by Australians is staggering. Australians are the biggest losers in the world when it comes to gambling. The amount of money lost by Australians averages out to $1,000 a person. This loss is nearly double the average amount lost in Singapore. Singapore is second on the list at a loss of $650 per person, and the US comes in third.


In the past, casinos, sportsbooks, and pokies have allowed people to exclude themselves from going to gamble. However, it was difficult to enforce. The new law permits family members to report their relatives anonymously to a gambling club, casino, or sportsbook. The gambler must then be evaluated to see if he or she has a problem. If so, they must receive treatment. They would also be excluded from the gaming venue involuntarily. Their name and picture would be on a watch list. If they tried to come in, they would be escorted out.

Some people are applauding the new provision, while others are saying it does not go far enough. The critics have said the involuntary ban needs to be for life, so that problem gamblers cannot return. Others have stated that this new provision may go too far. Family members may report someone who only gambles for entertainment and in moderation. The state has said decisions about excluding problem gamblers will be made by a committee of people. It is not made by the family members or the gambler, so it has a better chance of being fair. Social welfare agencies have noted that family members who report problem gamblers should be protected. Protection would ensure that domestic violence is not an issue. The new measure is seen as a first step toward keeping gambling entertainment fun. It is also a step toward getting problem gamblers the treatment they need.

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