Night Construction Workers Needed to Finish Imperial Pacific on Time

Night Construction Workers Needed to Finish Imperial Pacific on Time

Imperial Pacific International (IPI) said it will need to employ a second shift of workers, who will work at night, in an effort to complete the Imperial Pacific Resort (IPR) on time.

Speaking to the Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) a few weeks ago, the company admitted it may not have the capacity to complete the construction by August as required and requested an extension to go until December. The luxury integrated resort under construction is on the island of Saipan, which is a territory of the United States.

More time needed to complete Imperial Pacific Resort (IPR) in Saipan

The CCC is not happy with Imperial Pacific’s request for more time to complete the resort. This is the sixth time the construction company has asked for an extension. This time around, however, Imperial Pacific International has revealed that it will introduce a night shift to speed up the construction. The company has said the two shifts will enable the company to finish the resort’s construction by the agreed-upon time.

Talks about the introduction of a new shift

Erik Poon, the vice president of the project, has said that the company is already discussing how to integrate a night shift into the mix with Pacific Rim Contractors, the casino’s contractor. Poon told the Saipan Tribute that the company is planning to introduce a second shift, which will run from 7 p.m. until midnight. He added that the company has already informed those concerned about these plans.

The executive also said it is hard for him to give an exact date as to when the night shift will be introduced because the company has to iron out the details with Pacific Rim. The most important thing the company needs to do is to make sure the necessary safety features are in place on time before a new shift is introduced. However, once these safety features are ready, the shift will begin working on the resort.

Several issues have caused the delay

Poon attributes the delays with the construction of the project to a lack of manpower. Although IPI has increased the number of employees in the past few months, that increase does not seem to be enough to ensure the construction is completed on time.

He also said that the company has recently increased the number of employees significantly. For instance, the workers who are there now are H2-B. The increase in manpower has enabled them to speed up the construction. Poon believes that the company is now at the level it wanted to be as far as manpower and construction speed are concerned.

Poon also revealed that the company is now working with 68 management workers and 1,402 staff in construction. Sinopan is contributing 44 workers; Pacific Rim, 677 workers; and IPI H2-B, 700 workers. He added that the company needs up to 1,500 employees. Currently, they have 700.

Since the construction of the resort in Saipan began, several other issues have emerged that have led to the delay of the entire project. Misappropriation of funds has been heavily mentioned since the start of the project. The company has also been blamed for going against contractual agreements. The contractor has also violated the employee agreements. For instance, in March, some Chinese companies involved in this project had refused to pay wages to more than 2,400 workers and were ordered to pay $14 million to also cover the damages.

When completed, the resort will contain a 14-story hotel, 350 slot machines, and more than 200 gaming tables. Plans are underway to introduce a beach and a few nightclubs.

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