N.H. Looks at Sports Gaming Possibilities

N.H. Looks at Sports Gaming Possibilities

The May ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that allows states to decide for themselves whether to legalize sports gambling has a lot of state governments rethinking their opinions about gaming. Doing so would allow them to put some extra money into their state coffers.

But, the state of New Hampshire has not yet decided whether to legalize gaming.

The Change in the American Law and its Effect on the States

The state of New Jersey, which brought the original suit against the United States to legalize sports betting, quickly began to move toward legalizing sports betting in Atlantic City. The preliminary figures from the Garden State, which covered the first 17 days that sports betting was legal, found that bettors placed more than $16 million in wagers. That amounted to $300,000 in revenue for the state. The figures for gaming occurred before the sportsbooks for the NFL and NCAA football and basketball seasons were opened. These have historically been the most popular sportsbooks for bettors.

The Overall Profitability from Sports Gambling

It is estimated that legal sports betting in the United States was worth about $270 million in 2017, and that is with the understanding that single sports betting was legal only in one state – Nevada. Researchers estimate that black market betting on sports is approximately $2.5 billion annually. It is estimated that if at least 20 states pass sports betting legislation, the revenue from betting on sports could reach $7 billion, which is no small amount.

New Hampshire and Sport Betting

New Hampshire and Sport BettingThe state of Massachusetts is currently looking to pass legislation to legalize sports gaming. Rhode Island is planning to collect more than 50 percent of the sportsbook wagers when the sportsbooks go live on Oct. 1. Many legislators want New Hampshire to follow suit, and legalize sports gaming as well.

Several state senators in the Granite State have stated that when the legislature meets again in January, they will sponsor a bill legalizing sports gambling, along with one large casino in the state. While New Hampshire currently has a lottery, the gaming aspect could be rewarding in terms of revenue. The senators are hoping that if a casino can act as an anchor for the gaming industry in the state, online games, sportsbooks, and additional electronic games, such as keno, could also be offered.

There are several concerns in New Hampshire with regard to allowing other forms of gaming besides the lottery. First, many post secondary schools have raised questions about the legalization of sports gaming and what kind of effect the legalization would have on existing college teams. While football is not as popular in New Hampshire as it is in other states in the United States, basketball is a big deal, and people in New Hampshire readily remember the point-shaving scandals that affected nearby college basketball teams, including the Boston College team in the 1970s.

In addition, there are many people living in New Hampshire who have expressed concerns about the effect gambling would have on their state. While some people have argued that allowing additional gaming would bring additional tourists into the state, others have said that New Hampshire is doing just fine with the tourism that it has, and they do not want the state’s unspoiled beauty being ruined by a ton of casinos. Social welfare activists have also expressed concerns that gaming would bring crime and addiction issues for citizens of the state. It remains to be seen whether New Hampshire will allow more forms of gambling, including sports books, to become legal.

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