Macau Lags Behind Vegas in Offerings Other Than Gaming

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is no question that Macau is the gaming capital of the world. The autonomous region rakes in three times the revenue of Las Vegas, at nearly $30 billion a year. While Vegas is lagging behind Macau in gambling revenue, the Asian gaming destination has little to offer visitors in other aspects of tourism, such as food, entertainment, and family fun.

The Food Scene

In the past, Las Vegas’ food scene was not the best. To cater to an increasingly picky group of visitors, Las Vegas has stepped up its food game. Many of the casinos offer celebrity chefs in residence who serve up original dishes that can only be found in Vegas. In addition, as people try to eat healthier and avoid the all-you-can-eat buffets, Vegas has begun to cater to the increasing desire to have vegetarian and vegan dishes. In addition to the new food offerings, Vegas is offering specialty liquors and craft beers – all with the younger generation of gamers in mind.

In contrast, Macau offers little in the way of nouveau food or drink. Instead, it relies on the traditional Chinese menu. This menu does not take advantage of the huge Asian fusion market, which has rapidly become popular. Asian fusion combines flavors from all over Asia in new and exciting ways. Macau seems willing to just offer the traditional foods people expect in a casino.


In terms of entertainment, no one beats Las Vegas. The gambling mecca has several artists in residence, such as Shania Twain, Britney Spears, and Gwen Stefani. The city boasts large-scale venues where multiple artists play concerts, as well as small, intimate venues where artists can be close to the public. Macau has no true entertainment destinations in the area because the high rollers, who are primarily responsible for the profits of the casinos, usually gamble until their money runs out, then they return home.

Family Fun

While in the past, Las Vegas has had the reputation for being adults only, the city has rapidly begun to cater to families who want to gamble, but also have a lot of family fun. Some casinos in Vegas have even developed rides, games, and shows that are family-friendly, and that has increased the number of tourists who are visiting the city. Las Vegas also caters to families who like sports. It now has an NFL and NHL franchise and has plans to add other sports franchises.

While it is true Macau is a glittering symbol of Asian wealth and power, it cannot compare with Las Vegas in terms of family entertainment either. Macau is usually populated by single men or couples without children who want to gamble and then leave. There is very little fun for families to be had in the casino city. If Macau wants to truly be the gaming capital of the world, it will most likely need to offer something besides gaming. Diversity in gaming and nongaming fun has helped Las Vegas become a tourist destination for people who don’t like to gamble.

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