Indian Minister Proposes a Complete Gambling Ban

Indian Minister Proposes a Complete Gambling Ban

The Union Minister of Law and Justice, Ravi Shankar Prasad, recently re-emphasized that the government should enforce a complete gambling ban. Prasad was speaking at the Indian Parliament after India’s Law Commission recommended that gambling be banned in the country.

According to the Minister, if a total ban can’t be established, the legalization of betting and gambling should have specific rules and regulations. Prasad asserted that this should be taken into consideration by the state lawmakers and parliament.

An independent Member of Parliament, Amar Singh, questioned whether the commission actually recommended making gambling legal. Singh also questioned how the government would handle these recommendations. This has led to an interesting discussion between those who are for gambling and those who are opposed to it. However, Prasad is still adamant that gambling should become illegal in India.

Ban vs. Regulation

gambling banThe minister made it clear he was in favor of a gambling ban. However, he was open to hearing whether the legislation would offer strict regulations for certain types of gambling and betting. It is believed that perhaps the minister isn’t considering that a total gambling ban could cause the underground market to thrive. Prasad said in a statement that he didn’t want to strengthen the illegal black market. However, this is somewhat inevitable if gamers aren’t allowed to gamble within country regulations. A prominent black market could also bring about more crime in India, since this is often the case in countries with a heavy underground gambling scene.

The minister’s proposals at the Parliament session were rather vague. A number of parliament members also gave their feedback. This prevented Prasad from completing some of his statements and clarifying the points he was making, according to reports from the meeting.

Prasad was asked which regulations needed to be put in place for India’s gambling market. This question was not answered during the Parliament session. MP Amar Singh also asked the minister if he believed betting and gambling in India should be allowed according to the guidelines in the Law Commission.

The Law Commission’s Recommendations

Prasad stated before the Parliament meeting that the Law Commission’s recommendations were still being considered. The commission is a group of advisors who provide research for the ministry of law and justice. The group’s research includes information about the legal framework of the country. The document composed concerning gambling in the country is entitled “Gambling and sports betting included cricket in India” and was used as the basis of the gambling debate.

Gambling Operations in India

Gambling Operations in IndiaThe largest casino operator in India, Delta Corp, has both floating and land-based facilities for gambling. The company appeared in court recently to ask the Daman government to approve its operating permit. The approval process for Delta Corp has been in effect since 2014.

The Indian government has placed strict sanctions on a number of lottery operations in Mumbai. These operations were allegedly operating without proper licensing. This meant they were dodging the 28 percent tax on goods and services that are applied to lottery tickets. The gambling operations were also using unauthorized, hand-written lottery tickets instead of betting slips. So, authorities didn’t have sufficient evidence to track the tickets for taxation.

This makes it clear that more regulation is needed in the Indian gambling market. The Law Commission addressed this issue and has placed it at the top of its agenda.

In the coming year, people are expecting to see various developments in India’s gambling industry. This, of course, will depend on how fast parliament can decide how it would like to move forward with regulations for the gambling industry in the country.

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