Illegal Betting Sites Pull Out of Australia

Illegal Betting Sites Pull Out of Australia

Gambling laws can differ greatly depending on the state or region where the gaming is taking place. Some laws are strict and straightforward, while others can be left up to interpretation. When it comes to the regulations for gambling in Australia, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) states, “We’ve made it clear that Australia’s laws are unambiguous…if you provide prohibited or unlicensed gambling services to customers in Australia, you are breaching Australian law and we will take enforcement action.” This warning is directed toward gaming facilities and operators who are in direct violation of the country’s gaming laws.

The ACMA’s Enforcement Methods

The ACMA uses several methods to get the attention of businesses since September 2017 when the laws were introduced. One of the ways the organization is accomplishing this is by warning businesses immediately. The ACMA is speaking with gaming regulators in countries that are providing online gambling to Australians. The Authority has spoken with specific web site software program suppliers to inform them of illegal gambling in Australia. There is also a task force in place to ensure these laws are followed. The task force brings attention to gaming regulators who violate these guidelines. As of now, there are no prosecutions.

Online Gambling in Australia

Online GamblingIn 2017, the federal parliament handed a list of new online gaming regulations and legal guidelines to Australian gaming regulators. The laws included a ban on “in-play” betting online, and prohibited Australian gamblers from playing on offshore websites.

Nerida O’Loughlin, ACMA chair, referred to the new statistics from Global Betting and Gaming Consultants when discussing Australian gambling. The statistics indicated offshore gambling expenditure was expected to be reduced by more than fifty percent due to the newly enforced reforms. McLoughlin states, “Over the past year, we’ve moved decisively to disrupt the provision of illegal offshore gambling to Australians.”

The abundance of offshore betting sites has been a concern for those in the racing and wagering industries. It is estimated that tens of millions of dollars in betting turnover is leaked to these websites. Most of the sites are based in Asia. These sites have also been working in Australia for several years. The sites don’t pay license charges or race-field charges to the proper Australian industries to operate legally.

The ACMA Report

The ACMA published a twelve-month report on the progress the organization has made in stopping offshore gambling. This comes after a sports activity integrity evaluation commissioned by the federal government. The evaluation suggested making online in-play bets legal during stay sports occasions. It is believed that this will make unregulated betting websites less attractive and keep Australian bettors from placing wagers with illegal entities.

Sports Minister Bridget McKenzie has reportedly asked for guidance on how to rescind the web in-play betting ban, according to betting business sources. Several members of the Coalition have opposed this motion. Tabcorp, an ASX-listed gambling giant, among others, say the new authority the ACMA has to eliminate illegal offshore betting could prove beneficial. However, an online poker player representation group, states that the ACMA’s regulations may not be as effective as believed. Online poker is prohibited in Australia. But the group says poker only accounts for a small number of illegal gambling websites available to Australian gamers. The group also states even though many sites are banned, new websites rapidly replace them.

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