Google Assessing Prospects of Getting into Gaming

Google Assessing Prospects of Getting into Gaming

There are reports circulating that Alphabet’s Google is planning to venture into gaming using its in-house video gaming studio. The company has been attracted to the sector because of the success of online casinos, such as Currently, it is believed the tech giant is assessing the gaming industry. Kotaku has claimed that Google is especially interested in entering the online casino industry. It has been reported that Google has to consider three main areas if it is planning to join the gaming industry.

There are many established brands in the gaming industry

Google is currently studying the console and video gaming market. Kotaku reports the company has identified its main competitors as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. However, given that Google has a wide customer base, the company will use its brand’s power and influence to market itself. Moreover, the company has been around for a long time and has a very good chance of establishing the right path for this venture.

Developing a streaming service

In an attempt to enter the gaming industry, Google is also considering developing a streaming service. This will provide a means for gamers to access the video games. The service would combine ideas from Twitch and YouTube. The service will allow the gamers to log onto their accounts and play their favorite games. Upon selection of the games, they will then load them and play.

No reports have been given on whether there will be charges for these games. That notwithstanding, the success of Amazon’s Twitch and Google’s YouTube shows that any streaming service that matches these two in terms of operation has a good chance of succeeding. Google will, therefore, be determined to develop a service that will be popular among gamers.

Establishing a gaming studio

Another method that Google is thinking of using in its attempt to join the gaming industry is through developing an in-house video gaming studio. However, such a service will need to consider its main competitors and introduce a streaming service. If Google chooses this method, it will have to recruit the top game developers in the market.

Such developers will be given the role of developing consoles that the people playing on Google’s Streaming Service will use. Entering the gaming industry through this method will see Google compete with established companies, such as Electronic Sports, Zynga, and Glu Mobile. The gamers enjoy almost the same services from these three companies.

Why Google wants to join the gaming industry

Alphabet has not released an official statement regarding its plans to join the gaming market, and what is available at the moment is speculation. It is no secret the gaming industry has recorded tremendous growth in recent years. The growth has been driven mainly by the increased use of smartphones and other gadgets that support games. Moreover, such devices are more popular among young people who are also ardent gamers.

Many companies in the industry are enjoying high revenue. This may be one of the main reasons why Google has decided to venture into this sector. IHS Market reported that last year that gaming products (hardware and services) worth about $40.7 billion were bought by the gaming companies. Google is, therefore, determined to join one of the fastest growing industries.

Gaming companies generate their income not only from their premium products and services but also from advertisements. Moreover, many online companies are generating more income from advertising. By joining the gaming industry, Google will be in a better position to boost its advertising business. This could also be one of the reasons why the company is planning to enter this market.

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