Gamblers to Ban Themselves Under New Australian National Register

Gamblers to Ban Themselves Under New Australian National Register

The six states that makeup Australia recently agreed to a new package of consumer-friendly legislation that is seen as a step forward for the nation. While in the past, the country was viewed as the biggest loser in the world where gambling losses are concerned, that may no longer be the case. The new laws will make it easier for states to regulate online gambling, and make it more difficult for problem gamblers to continue to gamble. One of the 10 new regulations to be rolled out over the next 18 months is a provision that allows Australians to ban themselves from gambling. The nationwide measure allows gamblers trying to quit gambling online the ability to exclude him or her for every gaming app and betting site. This measure, as well as the other nine measures is seen as important legislation in the country.

Australia’s Issues with Gambling

Australia’s Issues with GamblingAustralians have been some of the biggest losers in gambling. Economists estimate that Australians lost an average of $1000 per person last year in gambling. These results are more than twice that of Singapore, who had around $500 per person in losses in 2017. In the past, Australia embraced its long gambling history. In the last few years, social service agencies have become concerned with the amount of money spent on gambling and the number of problem gamblers in the country.

This has been especially true of online gambling. Online gambling represents the biggest increase in gambling in 2018 compared to all other gambling revenues. The number of people who have a problem gambling is three times higher than the rate for other gambling in the country. In addition, online gambling has increased by 15% each year in the country for the last five years. The unprecedented growth of online gambling has led to the national government to  encourage all of the state governments to band together to create policies for online gambling.

The New Policy

The new policy has ten measures in all. The new measures will be rolled out for 18 months beginning in January of 2019. The measures cover banning payday loans for gamblers, as well as banning lines of credit. Online casinos and sportsbooks will have new regulations with regard to gambling incentives. Advertising for online casinos and sportsbooks will also be regulated. In addition, the national government is going to supervise account closings of online gambling accounts, verify IDs of gamblers, and restrict data mining.

National Self-Exclusion

australian flagThe Australian government will be in charge of creating a national register of gamblers who want to quit gambling. Part of the process of quitting gambling for many gamblers is to ban themselves from the places where they gambled. While some of the states in Australia have some procedures in place that allow players to self-exclude, it is not comprehensive. The Australian national government will create a national database that will allow players to ban themselves across all of the betting sites and apps in the country.

The database will be built with the cooperation of online casinos and sportsbooks. Each app and website will have a location for gamblers to close their accounts and exclude themselves from online gambling. The information will then go into the database, and the gambler will be blocked from gambling online.

The Australian government’s attempts to curb gambling have been called revolutionary by both social services and economists. Gambling companies worked together with social service agencies to come up with responsible policies that everyone could live with. It is hoped that the database and the other nine measures will serve as a framework for other countries to ensure gambling for entertainment only.

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