Canada Slot Sales Up in September

Canada Slot Sales Up in September

Slot sales have been trending down recently and critics have said that the games may be on their way out. However, September found slot machine revenue up across Canada. Slot machines averaged an increase of 12 percent in revenue in September 2018 over September 2017.

Slot History

Liberty BellsSlot machines have a long history in the United States and Canada. They first appeared in San Francisco at the end of the 19th century as a form of entertainment in saloons. For a nickel, someone could watch three reels spin. If all three Liberty Bells appeared, the lucky winner would receive 20 nickels as a prize.

Today’s slot machines are a little different, but the essential parts are still apparent. Whether a slot machine has three, five, 12, or 15 reels, an algorithm decides when to pay out on a random number theory. Some slot machines are progressive, which means that the jackpot continues to trend upward unless someone wins. The largest jackpot ever won on a slot machine was in Las Vegas when a man put in $100 and won $39 million.

Slots Across Canada

Estimates put the number of slot machines across Canada at more than 75,000. As a whole, slot machines represent the largest percentage of money spent at casinos. Canadian casinos introduced newer slot machines during FY 2018 and added more than 400 new machines during the year. Experts expect slot sales in Canada to continue to increase for the rest of the year as well. They forecast there will be a total of 6 percent growth for the remainder of the year.

The Future of Slots in Canada

slot machines

Although the current view of slot machines in Canada looks robust, the overall outlook has been trending downward. Casinos have been anticipating the decline in slot machines. They have rotated machines to keep them fresh and their customers entertained. Also, many casinos try to attract people to play slot machines by running slot tournaments with large prize payouts.

There are changes on the horizon, however. Casinos have been anticipating the change in the slots machines, and have been introducing new games. For example, they have introduced slot machines that have the look and playing ability of old-school video games. Games, such as Frogger, Pac-Man, and Galaga, have been popular. Slot machines based on old television shows, with show clips and actor interviews, have also been popular.

All casinos have slots rooms, and it costs anywhere from a nickel up to $100 per spin. Many Canadian casinos are catering to the high-roller crowd. They know that is where they can make the most money. For that reason, many casinos are offering VIP slot rooms with high-roller amenities, a private bar, and premier slot tournaments.

The future of on-site slot machines is a little murky. However, the future is brighter for online and mobile gaming apps. These have proven to be very lucrative in those Canadian provinces that allow online and mobile gaming. Many experts believe it’s in the online and mobile gaming slots where the profits will continue to grow. Mobile slot games, with different types of games and graphics, are exploding in popularity. In addition, many people enjoy progressive slot machines, which cost more upfront to play, either on-site or online. However, they pay off by offering larger jackpots. Advertising for progressive jackpots on slot machines at casinos has gotten very aggressive. And, it’s all done to attract players to the game. Casinos must continue to pull out all the stops to keep people interested in their slots and keep profits rising.

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