Australian Gamblers the Dangers of Micro-betting

Australian Gamblers the Dangers of Micro-betting

Most sports fans are familiar with micro-bets and how problematic they can be. Micro-bets occur when bookies provide odds that a certain ball game or cricket match will be a no-ball. Another example is that a certain tennis serve will be a fault. Micro-bets are essential bets on events that occur within a game, instead of a bet on the entire game itself.

There is a connection between these bets and sporting corruption. This is largely because those who are closely connected to the game will often make huge profits. The bettors, on the other hand, will be at a loss. Often, those in the know will conspire with athletes. This person will agree to pay the athlete if he or she agrees to play in favor of the insider. Part of the bet also includes when the athlete will execute the play. This decreases significantly the odds of bettors winning a wager. Even though micro-betting refers to small plays within a game, the wagered sum for these bets can be significant.

Micro-betting in Australia and Other Countries

Micro-bettingThis information comes as legislators in several regions and countries are working to create new and effective gambling regulations. This includes the United States, where sports betting has been restricted and illegal before the Supreme Court’s May 2018 decision. However, the United States is getting more pressure to legalize sports betting in all areas.

Technically, Australia legalized micro-betting for licensed operators. However, sports organizations have not approved this form of betting. Sporting bodies in Australia say it’s difficult to police the integrity of sports micro-betting because of previous corruption.

There have been calls to make micro-betting illegal. However, some Australian gamers are using offshore betting operators to micro-bet. The government doesn’t allow these operators to authorize services to gamblers in Australia. That doesn’t stop them from doing so, however.

A recent report looked at 1,813 sports bettors. Of that number, 667, or 36.8 percent of bettors, had participated in micro-betting in the past year. The report categorized a surprising number — 78 percent — as problem gamblers. Only 5 percent of the people were noncompulsive gamblers. The rest of the study participants were either problem gamblers or at risk of having a gambling problem. The report also revealed those who were problem gamblers bet a higher wage on micro events. Included in the study was a large number of regular sports bettors. However, the results show micro-betting can have devastating effects.

Micro-betting opens and closes very quickly, often in just a few minutes. This means people must place bets impulsively, which is a main characteristic of compulsive gambling. Micro-betting is also seen as a new and exciting way to bet. Problem gamblers are constantly looking for new ways to support their habit. They tend to gamble in several venues, including races, sports, pokies, and online.

Gambling on the Rise in Australia

gamblingIn Australia, sports betting is becoming more popular by the year. It’s virtually impossible to watch a sporting evening and not see advertisements for some kind of gambling. It’s also clear the advertisements are “working.”

It would surprise some Australians to know that sports betting is not legal all over the world. There are some U.S. states that have not legalized sports betting yet. However, there are legislators who are working to reduce the restrictions on sports gambling. This raises questions about the type of betting activity that states should permit.

Many people consider micro-betting to be the most extreme example of live betting. This type shows the evolution from “simple” sports betting when wagers were simply placed on teams or specific games. With micro-bets, a person knows the results right away; for other forms of betting, bettors may not get the results for hours or, sometimes, days. This can make micro-betting more exciting, but it also increases the risk of compulsive gambling.

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