27 People Arrested in India at BJP Leader’s House for Illegally Gambling

27 People Arrested in India at BJP Leader’s House for Illegally Gambling

The ongoing gambling problem in India and inconsistencies in the laws has intensified in recent months. While the government of some states has legalized gambling, other states have cracked down on gambling instead. There has been no leadership from the national government in the form of laws to regulate gambling across the country. Twenty-seven people were arrested earlier this month for illegal gambling. The arrests took place during a holiday period at the home of a major political party leader.

Gambling in India

Gambling in IndiaIndia has what is considered by experts as haphazard patchwork gambling rules. The last time gambling in India had new laws passed was 150 years ago. At that time, India was still a British colony. The law states that gambling laws are the responsibility of the states. Therefore, the laws of gambling differ from state to state. For example, gambling is forbidden in the states bordering Pakistan. Many people in that area are Muslim; gambling is prohibited. Goa, which has a significant amount of tourism, has casinos. Goa’s casinos alone contributed over $20 million in tax revenue to Goa in 2015. Goa has the highest number of casinos in the country. There are 10; six land-based casinos and four casinos that float up and down the Mandovi River.

In some states, online gambling is tacitly allowed because there are no rules that forbid it. In other states, online gambling is expressly forbidden. However, illegal online gaming is rampant in India. Some companies operate within the country and other companies operate offshore, out of reach of Indian law.

The Raid

The raid was on the home of one of the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party. The BJP is seen as a right-wing party. They have a more conservative agenda than the other major party in the country. The party is one of the two leading parties in India. The police, acting on a tip from a neighbor of the area, raided the home of the party minister. Twenty-seven people were arrested, including the party minister. They were playing poker at tables throughout the downstairs of the house. In addition to the arrests, $7,000 in cash was seized. The police are investigating to determine if other poker players managed to get out before the raid began.

Other Raids in the Area

In addition to the BJP raid, several other raids have taken place in the area of Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. Uttar Pradesh and Punjab are trying to become completely gambling free states. Raids have been taking place during the Hindu holiday of Maha Saptami when celebrations and gambling are taking place. Maha Saptami is one of 10 feast days during Durga Ashtami. The Hindu goddess Durga is celebrated with parades and feasts throughout the country.

During the raids, police have found poker games, blackjack, and baccarat. Police have also found equipment used for hosting online gambling. This equipment includes electronic payment terminals, servers, and computers. The gambling crackdown during the holiday season is not unusual. But what is unusual is the amount of technological equipment for online gaming that was found. Many gambling researchers have noted the growth of online gaming in India. They also have noted how difficult it will be for government officials to get rid of online gambling.

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