Xbox 2 Console Release Date

Xbox 2 Console Release Date

Rumors have been swirling among video game enthusiasts concerning the release date of the new Xbox console. The Xbox 2 release date was allegedly set for 2019 originally. However, it has now been revealed that the coveted video game console will be available for gamers to purchase near the end of 2020.

Now that the Xbox release date 2019 rumor has supposedly been dispelled, gamers and researchers in the industry are saying that November 15, 2020 is when the Xbox 2 will make its way to retail shelves.

What is All the Buzz About?

xbox one x

The Xbox One X is the first release within a generation. The item is not a next-generation console.

Most gamers were expecting the release of the Xbox One X. However, attendees were taken by surprise during the end of E3 2016 when Phil Spencer got on stage to announce that Xbox One X. Spencer promised that the console would be the “most powerful ever built.” While this got people excited, most gamers will agree that the One X is not the Xbox 2.

The Xbox 2 has many great features that gamers have not seen before. The console even has a code name – Scarlett. This has led many to believe that Scarlett will be part of a family of new Xbox products. The “family” Xbox gaming materials could include a console set, similar to the Xbox One and Xbox S and X series. It is likely that the Xbox 2 will be more compatible with mobile devices. Gamers will also be able to use the cloud to save their data. While the 2020 release date has come as a surprise to some Xbox enthusiasts, the time is mostly in line with avid gamer predictions. Microsoft is also working on new Xbox technology so that all connected devices will have AAA titles.

The Life Cycle of the Xbox

Xbox gamingIt is no secret that many gaming enthusiasts still have Xbox gaming consoles that were released years ago. Many of these consoles still work well, even though the technology is outdated. In addition, of course, the older the consoles are, the more valuable they will be to collectors looking for antique gaming items. Xbox consoles are known for lasting for years. Gamers who have had their Xbox equipment for nearly a decade are likely relieved that the console still works. However, they are also among the gamers who are ecstatic about the Xbox 2. Technology has changed significantly in the past five or six years. The Xbox 2’s graphics and gaming capabilities will definitely reflect this.

The Xbox One made its debut in 2013. Now that 2019 is approaching, consumers are excited about the upcoming release of a new Xbox. It has been a while since the last release, which means that the Xbox 2 introduction is sure to be a huge event. There was lots of speculation surrounding the Xbox 2 release date. It is believed that a company working closely with Microsoft may have given the public access to the information unintentionally.

The Xbox 2 release date also comes as great news to people who have had their Xbox One X for a year or so and are looking for something new. The Xbox One X was released in 2017. There are more features and graphics that the Xbox 2 will likely offer consumers in 2020. Xbox One X is known as the “world’s most powerful console.” This is such a prevailing message in the gaming industry that the phrase is the slogan for the console. However, the Xbox One X has not quite ushered gaming into 4K. It is unclear whether this is because of a lack of console development or not enough console power. Gamers in 2018 and beyond will like want a 4K 60 FPS experience while gaming. The Xbox 2 will likely not disappoint.

Waiting For the Xbox 2

The official title on the Xbox 2 has yet to be confirmed. However, “Xbox 2” is the name most gamers have given the upcoming console. Since the Xbox 2 will be released near the end of 2020, it will probably hit the market at the same time as the PS5. This makes the debut even more exciting, since Xbox and PlayStation have long been in competition with each other. A number of gamers favor one gaming system over another. However, those with years of experience with gaming know the intricacies of each system, and prefer one console to other games. Both the Xbox 2 and the PS5 will be released seven years after their predecessors. This means that the consoles will likely be met with lots of anticipation.

Who Leaked the Release Info?

It is reported that AMD released the info about the Xbox 2 release date. AMD is the chipset manufacturer for PlayStation and Xbox. These two huge gaming console companies use APUs, or accelerated processing units from AMD.

The APU works as a central processing unit or CPU for the gaming consoles, and services as the GPU, or graphics-processing unit. By utilizing one unit for both of these functions, the gaming consoles are more efficient. Manufacturers are also able to make the consoles smaller, which conserves space.

AMD has a monopoly on the market, since the company is the only manufacturer of chipsets to produce APUs. In fact, 99% of APU sales for AMD come from gaming consoles. This leads some to believe that AMD had nothing to lose by releasing the debut date for the Xbox 2. After all, AMD is the leader in its market, and leaking the information could be a smart marketing tactic.

Is the 2020 Release Date Confirmed?

The CEO of AMD, Lisa Su, may have given the public more information that Microsoft or Sony preferred. Su stated that sales were down for APU this year. However, she stated that “significant growth” was expected in 2020.

Putting this quote together with the additional information leads to consumers to believe that Su was definitely referring to the Xbox 2 release. Su’s quote was also a reminder that the PS5 would be released in the same year. This is liable to change at any time for a number of reasons. However, it looks like 2020 is the year that gamers can look forward to when it comes to new and improved consoles.

What the Xbox 2 Has to Offer

Xbox 2

When the details about the release of the PS5 were leaked, gamers were able to get some information on console specifications. However, Xbox 2’s features were not revealed. It was leaked that the PS5 will have the power to run 4K/60FPS. Therefore, it makes sense that the Xbox 2 will have this capability as well.

The price of the Xbox 2 has not been revealed either. However, the suggested retail price for the PS5 is $500. Consumers are anticipating a similar price for the Xbox 2.

Gamers are continuing to check social media accounts and news articles from notable news sources to see if any new details have developed concerning the release. There are even sites that have been created and dedicated to all things Xbox. The administrators for these websites are continuing to keep an eye out for release date changes. Gamers also want to know if Xbox 2 features will be revealed. Major news outlets are expected to offer more information as the release date gets closer.

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