What Is The Sport Of Future?

What Is The Sport Of Future?

Sports are timeless. They have existed for as long as humanity. Every generation brings along technological, economic, and social changes that alter the way people watch and perceive sports. Think about sports 50 years ago. And how radical changes necessitated by the television, cable, globalization, player unions, and contracts have completely changed the industry.

The future promises even more disruptive changes. The future is uncertain. No one wants to put money on the wrong side. We join the conversation because the future is also intrinsically fun. It’s fun to discuss, to contemplate, and to visualize.

The Future Is Here

Virtual Reality

While there is nothing similar to watching the game in the midst of cheering fans, the stadium experience is now home. Very few futurists foresaw the arrival of the Oculus Rift in this generation. Today, the virtual reality headset immerses you into the world of live sports in 3D. The lifelike experience has altered the way fans watch the game. Heck, you can watch the game while sitting, standing, or walking.

Fading Loyalty and Emerging Games

The number of fans watching the FIFA World Cup has increased. During the last two seasons, it surpassed the NBA and the World Series immensely. Also gaining popularity are eTournaments. Teenage video gamers now receive scholarships, and a good number have won millions competing. We have several women in the NBA after Becky Hammon made a triumphant entry in 2014. The NFL now offers the Buffalo Bills games on Yahoo!

The Superathlete of the Future

Chinese scientists recently edited the DNA of an embryo. They erased every doubt that a genetically modified superathlete will have unbreakable bones and a brain immune to concussions. Ultimately, these charged sportsmen and women will have greater control over their finances and influence. This power will afford them more say in the management of teams and leagues.
Traditional games may not qualify as a sport of future. It will depend on how well each can adapt to modern and future changes as they manifest.

Why Basketball Is the Sport of Future


Consistent History

Dr. James Naismith, a Presbyterian minister of the 19th century, began basketball. He used peach baskets and a soccer ball to coach young athletes. The game has continuously evolved but managed to retain its origional passionate fans, vibrant players, and exciting playoffs.

There are several different basketball leagues: NBL, WNBA, IBL, EuroLeague, ACB, and LBA. Basketball is an action-packed game that keeps both the fans and the player on their toes. Still, we are yet to see the best of this game.

Basketball takes pride in hosting the youngest of players in comparison to other games. This truth means that we are working with a player who is more open to technology. It is no wonder that when choosing players, clubs now depend on analytics to make a decision.

The Analytics Revolution

The potential of a player trickles down to what the numbers say. Teams are increasingly relying on numbers to make decisions about which players to own. We determine a team’s ability to win any tournament using figures.

Basketball stats become more sophisticated as the future arrives. Stats afford players insight into what point on the floor is best for a three-point shot. A few years ago, players would only track assists. Today, they can track assists leading to assists using data readily available on apps and website. The price of a ticket for each game was the same too. It didn’t matter whether it was the Lakers or the Detroit. Nowadays, ticket prices vary depending on the game and the time of purchase. Imagine what is possible in the future.

Prominent Players

Globally, basketball players stand out in terms of stature and prowess. They do not shy away from addressing pertinent issues in the society in comparison to players in other games. People will hardly fail to recognize a basketball personality on the streets. Basketball heroes and villains are clearly defined, which makes it easy to choose a team to root for or against.

Why It’s Not

However, basketball still falls short of surpassing football as the sport of future. Its popularity relies too much on individuals. Imagine buying tickets to watch the NBA finals only to find that LeBron James or Stephen Curry weren’t playing. There are many skilled players, but the game would lose its superstar thrill if LeBron no longer graced our screens. Larry Bird left us Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan paved the way for Kobe Bryant. LeBron took the mantle from Kobe. Basketball needs another face if it’s to cut it as the sport of future.

Why Football Is the Sport of Future


King of the Jungle

Football is built to last. Consider the speed, physicality, and schemes, and teamwork necessary to realize success. All these features combine to attract millions of fans who throng the football stadiums continuously.

As the football leagues extend to provide action throughout the year, fans have more to look forward to.  The likes of Christiano Ronaldo, JJ Watt, David Beckham, and Lionel Messi help keep the game alive and the fans animated.

2018 topped the record transfers in the Premier League with a whopping 1.9 billion pounds as more clubs invested their revenue in player transfers. No club reported an operating loss for the past two seasons, a first in football history.


It also helps too that the game is available on practically every gambling platform. Giving fans the opportunity to wager on their best teams and earn something out of it. Football is double the fan. Fans may love the game for what it is, but a good number only cares about the dollar signs.

Reduced Injuries

Stakeholders have shown concern about the high rate of football injuries. Manyga players have suffered gruesome bone and spinal breaks, concussions, heart strokes, and strains. The trend, however, fades as technology steps in to prevent injury and aid recovery more often. Besides helmets and mouth guards, digital modeling used in detecting concussions allows early treatment. The use of recovery training facilities is helpful. As an example, the HydroWorx 2000 pool increases a player’s chances of getting back into the game faster and healthier.

Next-Level Analytics

Players now use wearable monitors. These gadgets collect biomechanical data about injuries to allow coaches more insight while developing training programs for each player. There are also running socks that provide data about a player’s susceptibility to running injuries.

Professional number crunchers are slowly taking the guesswork out of football. They collect data on the game about each player’s speed and in-game performance. Then it becomes possible to develop training programs that build the player’s capacity. Further technological advancements in this area promise a future where players are faster, more efficient, and less prone to accidents.

Why It’s Not

Gambling also works against football. Some fans believe referees are paid to miss the penalties and calls and give some teams undue advantages. You’ll agree that fans have on some occasions been right. Besides, the pressure under which players must play to make the bets also obstruct them from participating fully. Previously, players worried less about what the media and the fans would say, just as long as they played well.

This concern is further confirmed when big clubs hire and fire managers for the wrong reasons. Reasons based on how much money the club makes as opposed to the quality of the game. Remember club owners recently appreciated Roger Goodell with a contract extension because he made them good money. Unless focus shifts from the money to make sure the game retains quality, football may not make into the future.


The line between natural body parts and artificial body parts blurs progressively. This happens as scientists make significant progress towards fast injury recovery, life extension, and performance enhancement. Likewise, injury prevention and healing, use of analytics, popularity, and gambling lay a foundation for future sports. The transformations leave two options for the sport of future, shape in, or ship out.

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