Understanding the Difference Between American and European Roulette


Over time, there have been raging debates as to which of the roulette games is better. The American one uses a double wheel while its counterpart uses a single wheel. Before the debate is taken any further, it is necessary to note that the American game is more expensive to play. A person who chooses to play it may be forced to dig very deep into his or her pockets.

A person who has a clear picture of how the roulettes operate should not have a lot of difficulty in making a decision. It is actually easy. Interestingly, recent research presented very peculiar developments. Contrary to the ordinary expectations, a larger portion of the people who were interviewed preferred to play American roulette. This was in spite of the high costs that come with it. It is obvious, according to the research, that there is a chance these players are new to the world of roulette, and it is also possible that they failed to recognize how much more expensive it is to play the American version.

Dissecting the Differences

The best way to know the difference between the American and European versions is for a person to know how to play both. What constitutes the main point of divergence is the order of numbers. The American wheel has an extra pocket. Otherwise, there is no notable difference between the payouts. In European roulette, the odds of winning any game are 1 per every 37. On the other hand, the American game puts the odds at 38. Therefore, the reward for a win is the same in both American and European roulette.

For the inexperienced, the difference between European and American roulette could not seem so significant. However, as one gains more exposure in the field, such discrepancies begin to make a lot of sense. A player will start to appreciate the need to have a cheaper gaming alternative. Furthermore, the chances of a win for a person who opts to play the American version is quite lower compared with those who embrace the European version.

Considering the house edges may appear to be relatively small, the dent caused by the bank transaction fees may be too much to deal with. As a person engages in more transactions, it will only be a matter of time before he or she sees the bottom of his or her bank account. Every transaction would mean losing more money.

With time, the average player inevitably succumbs to the claws of the house edge. It does not matter whether an individual loses or wins the game. Either way, a person will have to part with some money in the form of a transaction fee. However, a professional roulette player is always able to make a clever determination. With this, the player will have an opportunity to make the correct decisions and, consequently, avoid losing money. The truth here is that the roulette computers have special features that can help predict the winning number. In such an instance, it does not matter if the player chooses the American or European version. However, it is wise that a person not so often that the system eventually gets suspicious.

Therefore, if a person is playing the roulette wheel using a computer, then he or she will simply need to settle for one that has the highest number of predictions and with the highest house edge. All the same, the foreseeability of the win would be the most important factor to consider.

In the absence of computers that help to make predictions, European roulette will definitely rank higher. Moreover, it is advisable that a beginner goes for the option that will allow him or her to save a bit of cash. The experience of spending too many funds for the first time could be quite discouraging. In fact, a person may end up never playing the game again. The expenses incurred in European roulette are quite friendly to the pocket. In fact, there is less risk of a person spending more than he or she should.

American Roulette

American roulette often stands out because of the presence of the extra zero in addition to the standard zero. Moreover, the size and sequence of the numbers are also quite different. The fact that American roulette has a higher profit rate than its counterpart only means that it takes so much from its players. It is for this reason that people are advised to stay as far from it as possible.

European Roulette

European roulette has the “en prison” rule, while the American one does not. According to the specifications of this rule, the moment a person places his or her bet as a single chance or outside it and ends up losing if the zero comes up, the bettor will be given an opportunity to stand for another turn. However, should he or she emerge victorious, the person will get his or her money back. Therefore, either way, a player does not stand to lose so much from the experience. Moreover, there are some casinos that have replaced the “en prison” rule with the “surrender rule.” The latter makes sure a person is completely safe from the instances of zero coming up. However, should such that scenario be experienced, the player will be compensated — 50 percent of the money he or she had invested in the game. In instances like this, the casinos do not benefit so much, which is a huge detriment to amateur players.

The Most Important Thing You Need to Know

The main factor under consideration in choosing between American and European roulette is their cost implications. Even as people seek to derive fun from the gaming experience, it should not be done at the expense of their own financial comforts. The game of roulette is quite popular and draws the attention of a large number of players every day. At the end of the day, it will take a keen and experienced observer to spot the differences between the American and European versions. It is necessary that the new players get to know the differences before they begin to indulge. Otherwise, beginning to play without the adequate information may prove to be a very costly affair. In fact, a first-time player may get too discouraged to ever try out the game again.

The introduction and the evolution of the roulette took place both in America and Europe at around the same time. Interestingly, the differences were also witnessed at the same time. The positioning of the wheel and the layouts of the tables were some of the major differences.

French Roulette

The European type is occasionally referred to as French roulette. The board has red and black betting spaces. The color distribution of the balls is equal. Moreover, there is a single zero that has been assigned a green color. American roulette, however, has an extra green slot for the double zero. The additional zero increases the chances of the casinos earning more profits if the players lose huge amounts of money.

The game of roulette is one of luck. A person may lose or win depending on how well the fortune is for or against him or her.

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