Mobile Gambling Overview

Mobile Gambling Overview

In the last few years, there has been a rapid growth of mobile gambling. This is evident whether or not you are an avid gambler. This is largely because mobile gambling technologies have become more advanced. These days, people can bet on their favorite teams and players from the comfort of their mobile phones or tablets. Mobile gambling trends also indicate that players want access to several games in one place. For instance, people who are active sports bettors can also play casino games like blackjack and poker virtually.

Whether you have been playing sports and casino games online for years or you are new to online gambling, there are important things to know. Keeping up with the way mobile gaming is advancing around the world could provide important insight. When you know which games and websites are most popular, you can better avoid gambling frauds. Gaming online has also become a widely recognized form of entertainment for a number of individuals. This is why gaming companies are constantly working to grab your attention, regardless of your gambling skill level.

The Technological Aspects of Mobile Gaming

It is evident that mobile gaming companies will make a profit when gamers pay to play on their websites. The mobile gaming boom also means that the companies who create website technology can also stand to make a profit. The technology development industry in Israel is particularly successful in the mobile gaming market. According to a 2015 VentureBeat article, Israel’s gaming industry was worth about $1 billion.

There are over 200 gaming companies in Israel. These do not include a number of companies that focus on marketing technology. Marketing is extremely important when it comes to monetizing mobile gaming companies that offer free games to players.

It is also important to note that the gaming business in Israel is somewhat of an offshoot of the large, prominent tech community in the country. The industry is made up of about 5,000 startup tech businesses. This statistic makes Israel the best place to open a tech startup outside of Silicon Valley. Israel is also the top country in terms of per capital VC investments. This makes Israel the perfect place for game-related business and technology. In addition to mobile gambling and virtual casino games, the country produces a number of programs and features that are designed for children’s games and strategy games.

Mobile Gambling Around the World

Mobile GamblingMobile gambling is a worldwide trend. However, there are some countries whose gamers are especially active when it comes to online gambling. For instance, mobile gambling is the most popular form of gambling in the UK; it now comprises 33% of the country’s total gambling market. This is not a huge concern for bookies just yet since bets in the UK average less than $380 per person. However, financial analysts say that popular gaming company William Hill & Co. may slowly be phased out of business as mobile gaming grows in popularity. Smartphone gambling has also risen in the country. The UK is one of the best places to set up a live casino due to licensing laws. New regulations have given way to a number of online gambling sites as well.

While more gamblers are logging onto UK websites for mobile gambling, it is Australian gamers who are leading the way in the online gambling trend. In 2014, it was reported that Australians gambled more than $916 per person. Gamers in Singapore were not far behind, betting about $891 per person.

American gamers are third in the ranking when it comes to online gambling. However, U.S. gamblers are far behind those in Singapore, betting about $505 per person. These numbers are surprising since the United States is home to Las Vegas, one of the world’s most popular gambling destinations. Ireland falls slightly behind the United States in mobile gaming. Gamblers in Ireland wage around $490 per person.

Popular Mobile Gaming Sites

There are a number of mobile gambling sites for gamers to choose from. You can narrow down your choices based on the type of games you enjoy. For instance, some gaming sites are devoted to slots and poker, while others focus on sports betting. There are also some gaming sites that offer both casino games and sportsbooks for betting.

It is best to look for gaming sites that offer fast payouts and provide a deposit bonus. This increases the chances that you will get at least some of your money back, even if you do not win all your wagers. Some mobile gaming sites accept both bitcoin and money transfers from your bank account. There are also sites that accept credit and debit cards.

Mobile gaming sites that have received a number of positive reviews over the years include Bovada, Slotto Cash and These sites have high deposit bonuses and are known for being reliable and safe.

Mobile Gaming Precautions

Mobile Gaming PrecautionsEven though mobile gaming has been a positive thing for many businesses, there is also cause for concern. There are several fraudulent sites out there, and some inexperienced gamers may be tricked out of large sums of money. It is important to make sure that all virtual gaming websites are properly verified so that payouts are properly distributed.

Mobile gambling can also lead to gambling addiction. This is especially true for people who already have compulsive gambling tendencies. Dr. Mark Griffiths published research about mobile phone addiction among adolescents in 2013. Dr. Griffiths indicated that a change in finances could be one of the signs of mobile gaming addiction. In the study, he states that:

“The crucial difference between some forms of mobile phone use and pathological mobile phone use is that some applications involve a financial cost. If a person is using the application more and is spending more money, there may be negative consequences because of not being able to afford the activity (e.g. negative economic, job-related, and/or family consequences).

Other signs of mobile gaming addiction include feeling severe anxiety or depression before or after placing a bet. Gaming addicts often feel guilty after placing bets they know they cannot afford. However, this feeling of guilt is often not enough to stop them from placing bets. Individuals who are addicted to mobile gambling may also lie to friends and family about the addiction. For instance, he/she may try to hide the number of hours that he/she spends gambling online. This is a sign that the addict knows he/she is consumed with online gaming, but doesn’t want to get the necessary help to stop this harmful habit. Some people have even been known to sell valuable items to cover a gambling debt. Significant changes in a person’s energy level and attitude could also indicate a mobile gaming addiction. For instance, if a person is exhausted at work due to spending all night gambling online, this is a sign that things are out of hand.

While not every person who engages in mobile gambling becomes addicted, there are several help centers to address this issue. Rehabilitation and counseling can help gamers to control their addiction. Overcoming addiction can help individuals and their families to save a considerable amount of time and money. Some mobile gambling sites even have built-in features that limit gaming sessions to reduce the instances of gambling addiction.

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