Math Tricks to Help You Win at Roulette

Math Tricks to Help You Win at Roulette

Have you ever wondered how people win at roulette? A lot of people want to learn how to win at the roulette wheel. People use many different strategies to win at roulette. Using roulette math tricks to help you win is one way you can apply logic to gambling. Want to hear more? Keep reading for some ideas on how to win at roulette.

The History of the Roulette Wheel

The game of roulette was invented in France in the 18th century. The game was originally on a spinning wheel, with both zero and double zero, and the numbers 1 to 36. Players placed bets by selecting a number or a range of numbers to bet on. Players could continue to bet until the dealer stated no more bets could be placed.

Often, to win the roulette, players were merely lucky. However, over time strategies became available for frequent players. Roulette math tricks were used to develop winning strategies.

Exploiting the Wheel Using Roulette Math Tricks

Roulette Wheel Layout

Roulette Wheel Layout

The roulette wheel is laid out much like a dartboard, and neither one was arranged by chance. Most roulette wheels are laid out either in the American traditional or European traditional wheel. There is a difference between the American wheel and the European wheel. The American wheel has two zeros, and the European wheel has one. The American wheel, because it has two zeros, gives the house double the advantage of the European wheel. For example, the American wheel has a loss percentage of 5.26%, and the European wheel has a loss percentage of 2.7%.

On the roulette wheels, the numbers are arranged in differing orders, but with some similarities. European and American wheels have alternating red and black numbers. Usually, the wheels are arranged so that the low numbers (1-18) and the high numbers (19-36) alternate. However, the European wheel is more balanced than the American wheel. The European wheel only has one time where the rule is violated: When the 5 sits next to the 10. In contrast, the American wheel can often have several violations, depending on the arrangement of the wheel.

Other Oddities on the European Wheel

The European wheel also has two different patterns that many gamblers find interesting. The wheel is arranged to allow some group bets, which many people see as a way to win the roulette. The bets are easy to arrange. All of the low red numbers are aligned with the high black numbers on one side of the zero. On the other side of the zero are the high red numbers and low black numbers. One important fact to keep in mind is that the sequence 29-7-28-12-35-3-26-0-32 has no numbers between 13 and 24. So, a bettor can place bets on the whole second dozen at 2-1 odds, which are favorable. If you can choose between the American roulette or the European roulette wheel, choose the European. If you have no choice but to play the American, never do the combination of 0-00-1-2-3. That wager carries the worst odds on the wheel.

Beating the Wheel through Roulette Math Tricks

There are several different  to use roulette math tricks to beat the roulette wheel. Some math tricks are better than others. Many experts have stated that the Martingale system is not full proof. You must have enough money to double your bet each time you lose, but yet not hit the table limit. Bettors using this method do better when they wager on an even-odds payout, such as black/red, high/low, or even/odd. This system also means you place bets on those numbers. This is very difficult to do, although some people have had success with it by starting at the minimum bet.

Play the Winning Percentages

Winning roulette players have said to increase your odds of winning by playing the wagers that make even money. These wagers pay out at just under 50%. The odds of winning are much better than the low number combination bets discussed earlier.

In addition, you may want to think about trying some combination bets. For example, the middle and top rows on the roulette board have a slight advantage for the player. The middle row has nine black numbers and seven red numbers. The top row has nine red numbers and seven black numbers. If you are going to do a combo row bet, pick the top or middle row. Whichever color appears most frequently in that row, make an equal bet on that particular color. The odds are in your favor that you will win a color bet, a row bet or both. You have a decent chance to break even at least.

With Mathematical Odds, You Need to Keep a Few Things in Mind

roulette gamblingThere are several things you may want to keep in mind when you are playing mathematical odds. First, think about your bankroll, and look for ways to extend it. Divide the money you will use at the roulette wheel by 20 to make that your standard bet size. That way, you won’t have gambled away all your money in 15 minutes.

When you when a round, it is always a good idea to save half of the money you win. For example, if you win $100, you need to keep $50 back and don’t spend it on another bet. You better your odds of making a decent profit, rather than blowing all your money. Along these same lines, only bring the money into the game you can afford to lose. A lot of roulette players have a gambling fund saved up, and they use that for the bankroll. On good nights, you will add to your money stash, and have some left over for a nice steak dinner. On bad nights, you’ll have nothing left on your bankroll, but you will still have all of your bill money. Gambling is entertainment for most people, and it needs to be treated that way.

Finally, consider pooling some of your money for a big bet. To have a chance at a big payout, you need to place a good sized bet on those payouts that offer you the best opportunity to win big. Single number bets pay out at 35:1 odds. Two number bets pay out at 17:1 odds. Three number bets pay out at 11:1 odds. Many roulette players divide their money in the manner described above. But they take a quarter of it and hold it back for one big bet. They know they could lose the entire bet, or win big.

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