Guide To Darts Betting

Guide To Darts Betting

Darts was once a sport that was mainly played at the local pubs and in men’s clubs in the UK. It used to receive very minimal TV coverage due to the fact that it was not so popular. However, in the 70s and the 80s, some of the famous people in the UK such as Eric Bristow, Bobby George, and Jocky Wilson were involved in a darts game which brought the game into the limelight. The majority of darts players in  modern society should be very grateful to these personalities because they gave darts the publicity that it has today. Watching darts being played is a great experience as you get to see various skill sets as well as the competitive nature of the game first hand. Some of the games being played are also broadcast live for viewers at home to watch. The atmosphere at the matches is thrilling, especially in the major tournaments where there is music all around along with crowds cheering on their favorite players. The sport is characterized by energy and excitement due to the competitive nature of the players and the vocal crowds who enthusiastically support their favorite players.

Over the past few years, darts has gained popularity all over the world though mostly in the UK, Holland and in the United States. In the United Kingdom, darts tournaments are held all year long and this attracts a very large following. Bookmakers have come to realize the popularity of darts and in this respect have decided to offer betting markets on each one of these major events. There are a number of diverse darts betting markets and one only needs to understand the rules of the game to realize the huge potential that the darts betting industry has. Here is an overview of the major darts tournaments.

The World Championship

This is usually the first sports world championship of the year because it is held on the 1st of January each year. After the qualifying rounds, the top seeds now enter at the last sixty-four stage where there are the first round, the second round, and the third round. After these rounds, the quarterfinals are held followed by the semis and the finals. The number of sets in each round increase until the final where a total of thirteen sets are played to determine the winner of the tournament.

The Premier League

This is a ten-man competition where players face each other weekly. All the players get to face each other over a course of ten weeks where afterward the last two are relegated. The rest play each other again until the top four contestants are determined, continuing on to play the Premier League Finals night. The event consists of two semi-finals and a final. The league matches are played using a Best of Twelve legs criteria while the semifinals are determined using a Best of Fifteen and the finals are determined using a Best of Nineteen legs.

The UK Open

This event is held in June and is referred to by many as the FA Cup of Darts. The tournament is open to a host of players with random draws held after each round to determine who faces who in the next round. The tournament is in a leg format with legs increasing after each round.

Darts Betting

Most 180s

This is a dart betting market which explains itself simply by its heading. There are some really good odds on the 180s markets because some of the high scorers are usually overpriced. The market relies on the scoring habits of the two contestants. In some cases, when you compare two players playing against each other, one may have a lower average than the other. However, the one with a higher average may rarely hit the 180 mark while the one with a lower average may be prolific in hitting the 180 mark. The average of the second may have suffered as a result of lack of consistency. It is always good to look at the scoring trends before engaging in darts betting.

Darts Handicap Betting

In the modern sport, tournaments are signified by a competition to complete legs. The leg handicap darts betting is based on two players in a single game. If the favorite has a lower odd then you can bet on them using the minus market or if the outsider has a chance to give the favorite a run for their money then you can bet them on the plus market. In recent times, some outsiders have pushed the outright favorite to the limit and if in this case, the punter was using a plus handicap market, then he would have won handsomely. It is wise to look at the world rankings along with form and head to head record because these very rarely mislead. Also, look out for player tactics in the game because some like to get out of the block fast while others are good at easing into the game after a number of legs.

Tournament Winner

Over the past quarter of a century, Phil Taylor has been the go-to guy for those involved in darts betting because of his skill. With time, his ability to win tournaments with ease has waned because currently there are a number of players that can beat Taylor and win the tournament. It is always a good betting strategy to pick four guys that can actually win the tournament based on previous tournaments as well as rankings. Always ensure that the four you have placed bets on have odds that will ensure you earn a profit when either one of them wins the tournament.

Correct Score Dutching

In some competitions, there are matchups that are heavily one-sided, and this is mainly represented by the fact that the favorite has an odd as low as 1.05 with the opponent having an odd as high as 9.0. The best darts betting strategy in this type of match is to select a number of score lines with the best odds of being the final score then place a bet on these score lines.  If one of your selected score lines is the final score, then you earn a profit even if you placed your bet on a number of different outcomes.

Back The Form Outsiders

In each and every tournament, there are favorites and outsiders. In the run-up to the tournaments, there are games that are played and these are meant to build up fitness for the upcoming tournament games. It is important as a punter to look at the form of darts players coming into the tournament. It is a very good betting strategy to bet on an outsider who has shown some sort of form in the run-up to the tournament. Betting odds for outsiders are usually really good for exploitation, more so if you have been keen on the action away from the TV screens.

Another darts betting strategy, which may not necessarily be a strategy but may be key in betting successfully, is following the experts. Betting experts mostly post darts betting tips so that they can share expertise with individuals that are not that invested in the betting sector. These experts are always up to date with the form and strategies implemented by the players, so it would be wise to follow their advice.

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