Future Technology Predictions for 2020

new tech predictions

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. In the next few years, we should expect to see some major changes in the way we do business and communicate with family and friends online. Technology professionals have a number of predictions of how our software and online systems will change over the years. There’s no denying that technology is actively changing the world and will continue to do so. Here are some future technology predictions for 2020 that you can look forward to, according to professionals.

The Internet Will Have More Human Qualities

According to Sirgoo Lee, Kakao’s co-CEO, the way that we connect to each other when it comes to technology will change significantly in the next couple of years. We have features like the cloud, the internet, the world wide web and devices like tablets, laptops and smartphones to make connectivity easier. Even though companies are making the effort to connect humans with the devices they need for staying connected, the future will likely include interfaces that are humanized to understand the technology patterns and needs of users. Technology companies seek to select and to curate useful information for their customers. While this is not as intense as the type of artificial intelligence that we often see in sci-fi movies, personalized technology will be making some advancements and it will become even easier for us to communicate with each other in real time.

Global Electrification

Amit Narayan, CEO of AutoGrid, confirms that societies have been making progress toward global electrification for a few years now. In both Europe and the United States, electricity is a given for most people. However, in certain areas of Africa, Asia and Latin America, constant electricity is not the norm. This is largely due to the fact that the 19th century grid for electricity, which is still widely used, is still the standard in many countries. Over 1.5 billion people in the world don’t have regular access to electricity and use oil lamps instead of electric lights, which can be dangerous. There are also some megacities in the world that experience power outages quite often, so global electrification can make a huge difference in these areas. More access to electricity can increase productivity, but there should also be advances in educational pursuits and healthcare, as well as overall quality of life. This change in technology will also change the way that business is being done in these areas of the world, which can generate more revenue.

Japan Will Advance in Robotics

Technologically, Japan will be one of the countries that moves forward with its plans for building a lunar outpost for robots by the year 2020. The post will be for robots and will also be built by robots! According to predictions, there’s no country that is better suited for this venture. Mike Liebhold from Institute for the Future states that there are some launch vehicles that are able to do the job, but robotics will be capable of completing the lunar outpost by 2020 as well. According to Popular Science, economics will be the single factor that determines whether this will actually happen.

We’ll Have Self-Driving Cars

This is among the future technology predictions for 2020 that has been a dream for many, and while companies like DARPA and Google have dabbled in the market of self-driving cars, there’s still some development that needs to take place before these types of vehicles are completely safe for the road. One of the biggest challenges when it comes to cars that drive themselves is getting all these vehicles to communicate with one another to avoid accidents. Currently, there isn’t a wireless system that connects all self-driving cars to all traffic technology, but 2020 could be the year that we advance a little further with this invention.

Biofuel and Fossil Fuel Costs Will Be Competitive

Popular Science predicts that it’s pretty feasible for the costs of fossil fuels and biofuel to be competitive with one another. The U.S. military has stated that half of its energy will derive from renewable resources by the year 2020; the Navy is certain it will be able to rely on 50% biofuels by this time as well. Politically, it makes sense not to depend on volatile areas of the world for energy, which could mean that there will be an increase in biofuel competitiveness along with vehicle fleets that are cleaner.

Phones Will Be Less Fancy

There are several innovations on the market that are changing the way we see the world while providing more convenience overall. Technological gadgets are a huge part of this, with one of the future technology predictions of 2020 being that phones will be more efficient but less fancy. Mera Gao Power co-founder Nikhil Jaisinghani says that he’s visited some villages in which no one has ever even seen an iPhone or knows how to download apps onto a phone. There are still lots of opportunities for business owners to create and improve products that are designed for the rich but can benefit the poor significantly. For instance, LED lights and solar panels, which were originally designed for wealthy countries, are starting to become more popular in African nations and in India. Telecommunication via mobile devices is also being implemented more often to make sure that developing countries are more involved in the overall financial development process around the world. Also, medical procedures that used to be expensive are now more affordable due to technology. Investors are constantly looking for ways to assist developing nations in increasing their net worth and in improving the financial conditions of people all over the world through the use of technology.

There Will Be Bacteria-Based Cures

When it comes to life sciences, we’ll have a better understanding of how the tiny organisms in our bodies work. This is called the microbiome and it includes the bacteria that reside in the human body. The microbiome influences a number of systems in the body, including the human metabolic process and our immune systems. There will likely be discoveries made in several health conditions, including a number of autoimmune diseases, metabolism regulation and pre-term birth. The year 2020 will likely bring about a significant improvement in regenerative medicine, and scientists may be able to create new organs and tissues using the progenitor cells. Physicians may also be able to use precision medicine for certain patient procedures more often, according to Mark Fischer-Colbrie, the CEO of Labcyte, Inc.

Solar Power Will Be Cheaper

By the year 2020, solar technology will likely account for a large portion of global power, Silicor CEO Terry Jester asserts. Solar power is one of the future technology predictions 2020 has to offer, and most people are pretty excited about it. This can help companies to protect themselves against the increasing costs of energy and the impact that climate change has on these costs. However, it’s very important to find ways to lower the cost of solar technologies in order for this to be a possibility. Polysilicon is the main raw material that is used to make solar panels, so reducing the cost of this material is essential. Over the next couple of years, new methods of polysilicon production that are more cost-effective will likely emerge, and the cost reduction will in turn affect the solar supply chain, which will make it easier for people to use solar power.

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