Five Reasons To Follow The 2018 Melbourne Cup

Five Reasons To Follow The 2018 Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup season always seems to get here fast, and with Spring getting gradually closer in Australia, the countdown has already begun. In 2018, the $7.3 million Melbourne Cup commences on 6th November at 3 p.m. However, there will be plenty of other additional events that will take place inside the racecourse and outside, giving you a wide variety of social events to take part in throughout the day.

Though the 3,200-meter Melbourne Cup is the most popular racing event on the calendar, the whole day is organized as a total racing day event, with many other races being held throughout the day. All the other races taking place will be of varying distances and the winners will be competing for various cash prizes.

With several other racing events being equally as popular as the Melbourne Cup, including the Kentucky Derby in the US, the Grand National in Liverpool, the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe in France and the Dubai Cup, this event still remains the most popular racing event in the world.
There are numerous reasons why this event is held in such high regard, even beating other racing events. Below are some of these reasons, and why you should follow this year’s event.

1. The Race That Stops A Nation

The Race That Stops A Nation

The Melbourne Cup is arguably the greatest sporting event in Australia. It is a 3.2-kilometre race organized by the Victoria Racing Club since 1861 and has steadily grown in popularity over the years, becoming the most popular racing event in Australia.

The Melbourne Cup has been dubbed “the race that stops a nation” for good reason. Every year during the Melbourne Cup, Australia grinds to a halt for four minutes as horse racing enthusiasts, along with casual observers, gather to watch the best racehorses in the world compete for the $6.2 million award money. So popular is the Melbourne Cup in Australia that the day of the event has been officially made a public holiday in Melbourne.

Media houses showing live coverage of the event register viewership in the millions. Bets placed on the event exceed $300 million, with the over $6 million in prize money attracting participants from all over the world. With such a rich history and massive popularity, the Melbourne Cup is an institution that continues to capture the imagination of the world. This is the perfect opportunity for you to start following the event, for this year and the years to come.

2. The Melbourne Cup Parade

The Melbourne Cup Parade

Every year, 24 hours before the official Melbourne Cup event, the city of Melbourne holds the Melbourne Cup Parade.
The two-hour-long Parade is free for all and everyone is encouraged to come and celebrate the racehorses, jockeys, and trainers who will be taking part in the Melbourne Cup racing event. There are also interviews with notable Melbourne Cup participants throughout the parade.
This year’s parade will be taking place from the Swanston and Bourke Streets corner and will be walking down to the Federation Square where there will be free entertainment at the end of the parade.

You won’t want to miss seeing this spectacle and the opportunity to interact with some of the biggest names in the horseracing world in Australia. There also promises to be enjoyable weather so come out and enjoy the beautiful city of Melbourne. You can also enjoy the parade from the comfort of your own home but nothing beats being in the thick of the event. So if you are within the surrounding area, do attend the parade, which promises to be a fun-filled event for the whole family.

3. Race attendance

 Melbourne Cup - Flemington Racecourse

The Melbourne Cup is held at the Flemington Racecourse and is usually well attended. Though the numbers are not as many as some other races, e.g. the Kentucky Derby, its numbers are quite impressive for a four-minute event.

The largest crowd to have ever attended the event was 122,736 in 2003. Last year’s event saw the attendance of 97,479 people. The event organizers usually limit the number of attendees deliberately, so that the racecourse is comfortably filled.

The numbers of attendees are expected to continue growing as the event organizers also put measures in place to accommodate the attendees. One thing that is not limited, however, is the sheer exhilaration in the air on the day of the event. During last year’s event, an estimated total of 305,000 units of beer was downed. Fine food and wine flow freely and attendees spend millions on fashion specifically for this day. This year’s event promises to be even more extravagant.

You should consider being in attendance for this year’s event, just so you can really experience and appreciate the attraction that is the Melbourne Cup.

4. International Attraction

Melbourne Cup International Attraction

As much as the Melbourne Cup stops Australia, the race itself is considered an international event with many of the participants coming from all over the world to take part in the festivities.

In the hundred and fifty years that the Melbourne Cup has been held, there have been winners coming from far and wide including France, Japan, Germany, and Ireland. British-trained horses have also been very close to clinching the coveted cup over the years. This is a true reflection of the success of the Melbourne Cup as a global event. The 2018 event promises to see even more participants from around the world take part in the race.

Also, it is important to note that, apart from the Melbourne Cup, Melbourne is a beautiful city with many tourist attraction sites that you could visit while attending the event, including the South Yarra Gardens, Art Centre, National Gallery of Victoria and Chapel Street among many others.

5. The story of the racing legend

Makybe Diva,

It is not easy to win the Melbourne Cup. If a second victory is twice as hard to achieve, a third one is almost unheard of. But there is one racehorse that beat the odds to become the only racehorse to win three Melbourne Cups, and that is the Makybe Diva.

Makybe Diva, who was named after five of her owner’s employees, is currently considered a legend, having retired soon after becoming the first mare to complete a hat-trick at the 2003 and 2005 Melbourne Cup event. She won her first Melbourne Cup in 2003 and in the same year also earned her first Sydney Cup, becoming the first mare to win both cups during the same season.

In 2004-2005 season, Makybe Diva won her second Melbourne Cup and was named Australian Racehorse Champion for that year. She went on to make history in the 2005 Melbourne Cup becoming the only racehorse to win three consecutive Melbourne Cups.
Just from the small history above, you can tell that Makybe Diva’s story is a unique and inspirational one. And the best place to fully experience the history and legend that is Makybe Diva is at the Flemington Racecourse.

A bonus reason you should tune in to this year’s Melbourne Cup is the fashion. The Melbourne Cup day is not only for the horses and the races, fashion plays a huge part in the event. It is one of the events where people get to freely express their fashion sense and wear bright colors.

With all the above reasons, there is no reason why you should miss the Melbourne Cup 2018.

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