Deuces Wild Video Poker Strategy

Deuces Wild Video Poker Strategy

Deuces Wild is a type of video poker game. It is the second most popular video poker game in the world, after Jacks or Better. Many people enjoy playing Deuces Wild online because it has a nice payout table that allows players to get an edge over the house.  However, you can’t play Deuces Wild without some kind of video poker strategy. Not sure where to start? Keep reading for information on Deuces Wild video poker strategy. If you can develop a strategy before going in, your chances of winning are much higher.

Deuces Wild gives you a chance to gain an advantage over playing poker at the casino by a little over 1%. However, any percentage is a good percentage when you are playing video. If you make correct decisions using a Deuces Wild video poker strategy, you have an advantage over players who are just using intuition or hunches, which add between two and four percent to the house advantage. If you want to beat the online casino in the long run, strategies help. Here are some suggested video poker strategies for Deuces Wild.

Know the Pay Tables

You need to know the pay tables for Deuces Wild, because they have a wide range of pay tables, and to put it frankly, it gets a little confusing. While the poker game has several different pay tables, there are only two you really need to be aware of: the full pay pay tables and the not-so-ugly pay tables. The pay tables are important to know because Deuces Wild has more variation across hands. Here is the information on the full pay pay tables for each hand:

The Full Payout Pay Table

Three of a kind pays 1 to 1.

A straight and a flush both pay 2 to 1.

A full house pays 3 to 1.

Four of a kind pays 5 to 1.

A straight flush pays 9 to 1.

Five of a kind pays 15 to 1.

Wild royal flush pays 25 to 1.

Four deuces pays 200 to 1.

A royal flush pays 800 to 1.

If you are able to use the Deuces Wild online poker strategy, you can get a payback percentage of 100.76%.

The Not-So-Ugly Payout Table

For a not-so-ugly game, the payouts are as follows:

Three of a kind pays 1 to 1.

A straight pays 2 to 1.

A flush pays 3 to 1.

A full house and four of a kind pay 4 to 1.

A straight flush pays out 10 to 1.

Five of a kind pays 16 to 1.

A wild royal flush pays 25 to 1.

Four deuces pays 200 to 1.

A royal flush pays 800 to 1.

The payback percentage for the not-so-ugly game is 99.73%. Many people are tempted to say that the not-so-ugly game version is better than the full payout table. This makes sense in theory, because four of the possible hands have better payouts, while only two of the hands have lower payouts. However, you need to remember that with the full payout version, the frequency that you will have a winning hand increases.

Also, you need to keep in mind that getting four of a kind is one of the most important hands, if not the most important hand. This is because in Deuces Wild, there are four wild cards in the deck, which means your chances of getting four of a kind is 6.5%–a fairly large number. Because this hand is so important, you will want the full payout, as it is a larger number than the not-so-ugly payout game.

A Deuces Strategy Chart

To maximize their chances of winning at Deuces Wild, many players memorize a chart for what to do or how to bet, depending on whether they are holding deuces or not. While this can get a little complicated, these charts have been broken down as simply as possible for you to memorize.

In order to use the Deuces Wild video poker strategy, you need to keep two things in mind above everything else. First, no matter what, you will always hold deuces if you pick them up in this game. Second, any other card you have can be discarded at any time unless it is a deuce, because the object of the game is to get all four deuces.

The Deuces Strategy

If you begin your hand with four deuces, you only have one option (unless you’re crazy, or you don’t want to get paid). You throw out the card that is not a deuce and draw a different card. Because you already have four deuces, you have a winning hand, so there’s not much you have to do in this case. Consider yourself lucky and move on to the next hand.

Three Deuces

If you have three deuces, you have options. Obviously you are trying to get the fourth deuce, but there are other hands that will give you a winning strategy. You would keep both a royal flush and five of a kind—if you are lucky enough to have the two cards that aren’t deuces make a pair on their own. If neither of these choices applies to you, keep your deuces and draw two new cards to see if you can make a pair, or draw a new deuce.

Two Deuces

If you have drawn two deuces, you have more options. Of course, just as the earlier explanation above, you keep a wild royal flush, or five of a kind. But in this case, you would also want to keep four of a kind or a straight flush. You have a couple of other options to consider. If you need one card to complete a wild royal flush or a straight flush, then keep those cards, and hope to draw a card that completes either of those scenarios. If you don’t have those options, discard your other cards, and keep the deuces because again the hope is you will draw deuces.

One Deuce

In the even you are unlucky enough to have one deuce, you would keep anything that gives you an advantage. A wild royal flush, four or five of a kind, a straight flush, a full house, three of a kind, a flush or a straight. If you are one card short of a wild royal flush or a straight flush, keep those cards. You may also want to consider keeping three cards if you have the potential for a royal flush or a straight. You can also trash all of the cards except the deuce and draw four more cards.

No Deuces

So what happens if you have no deuces? Then your play gets really interesting, depending on the cards you have. You can throw away all five cards, and get five new cards, but usually, if you have no deuces, you have something else you can work with. Obviously, you would keep a royal flush, a straight flush, a full house, three or four of a kind, a flush, a straight or a pair. If you are close to a royal flush, or a straight flush, you would keep those cards as well.

A Simpler Strategy

If you are new to Deuces Wild video poker, and you are merely looking for a simple strategy to help you as a beginner, here are some things to keep in mind to find a winning Deuces Wild online poker strategy.  Never throw away deuces. If you have a pair, you want to keep it rather than keeping a four card straight or flush. Don’t hold two pairs, discard one of them. Remember that four of a kind pays out frequently on this game, so hang on to those. Good luck, and happy playing!

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