Best Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

Best Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

Fantasy sports are also referred to as rotisserie or roto. These are virtual sports where contestants act as the coach and manager in the role of selecting team members. The features of the selection are reminiscent of real-life scenarios where teams compete in leagues and tournaments. The virtual players possess relatable traits that equate them to the well-known legends. In football, the common players that enthusiasts select are popular names with a fanatical following. There are options for American football, baseball, Australian football, golf, hockey, auto racing, wrestling, etc.

Fantasy sport is so popular as it enables sports enthusiasts to re-live the real-life sporting experiences that are not only exciting but emotional. The core aspect that is vital for fantasy sports is a site. The more advanced the features, the better the experience that the contender can have. This is because of the advantage of building a team lineup with near replicable pitch performance. The best daily fantasy sports sites are superior, effective and fun.

1. markets itself as the premium fantasy sporting site for India. The site proffers 3 key sports for fans, promising them wins after proving their knowledge and expertise in contests. The site, which was founded in 2007, is based in Mumbai, India. It is one of the best daily fantasy sports sites. India being a cricket country, the site is mainly dedicated to the sport, a factor that has been attributed to its growth as a fantasy sport in the nation of 1.3 billion people. Currently, the nation accounts for over 92% of users with a significant presence of about 1% in the UAE, USA, Indonesia and the Sudan Republic.

To reach more users, the site is accessible through computers and mobile-based applications. The Dream11 fantasy sports app is available in the App store at a fair deal. The features that are instrumental in improving the skills of users include monitoring of competitors’ mistakes, checking strategies that other players use to win, and many other attributes.

Getting started is easy: A player can access the website, sign in through their Google account, LinkedIn or through direct detail entry. Depositing stakes is made easier with PayPal, Taboola, Outbrain, eBay, and


DraftKings is one of the most popular fantasy sports sites in the world. This is partly because the core operation centers are based in Boston, Massachusetts; London, UK; and Malta. Additionally, the site is renowned for hosting major tournaments such as the NHL, NBA, MLB, GOLF, NHL, NAS, MMA, SOC, CFL, LOL, EL, TEN and Playbook.

According to the site developers, the idea behind the fantasy sports site is derived from passion. The concept was the brainchild of Matt Kalish and later modified and actualized by Paul Liberman and Jason Robins.

At, the users are allowed to compete in single-day online contests that can span a variety of sports as opposed to the common trend of season-long league focus. Upon signing into the site, fantasy sports enthusiasts deposit digital cash via the various modes that are incorporated into the site. Players then submit their selected team and the contest is then closed for a match. The site then awards points depending on the performance of the select team. was launched in 2012 and has since developed to be a daily fantasy sports site for millions of fans.


Fan Duel is a daily fantasy sports site that is touted as the birthplace for fantasy sports, as it is known today. The site dates back to 2009 when 5 co-founders partnered with an aim of revolutionizing the fantasy sports experience. This happened in the backyard of the SXSW Interactive Festival. The basic concept for playing was fan versus fan where each has to showcase fantasy knowhow and the sports knowledge. The winner is amplified and the games are season-long.

The main sports that the site features are football, basketball, golf, baseball, and NASCAR. Players can experience the fantasy through the various leagues and tournaments that are available for selection such as the NHL, MLB, NBA, etc.

The factors that make the site one of the best daily fantasy sports sites can be found in the features that are present. Firstly, the option for entry is only $1 which enables everyone to access the site. Secondly, there is the Lobbying tab to enable each player to have a voice in decision-making, which includes development of the site. Thirdly, there is an Upcoming tab that enables players to play a game and try to construct the possible scenario. Fourthly, the Live tab allows players to engage with each other from remote locations while streaming the real game on the pitch. Lastly, the History tab allows players to keep track of on-site activities.

Fan Duel is designed to accept stakes and to display the account balance for each fan. It also has a built-in Friends tab to encourage fans to interact with each other and to select contestants.


Fantasy Premier League is the ideal spot for football and European football enthusiasts. This is evident in the over 3 million users who throng the sites to experience the excitement of managing and controlling a virtual EPL team. It is particularly important to note that playing is free and there are prizes to win.

Like other fantasy sports sites, allows fans to select their squad based on salary earnings for each player. The contestants earn points depending on the select team performance. However, upon winning or collection of maximum points, prizes are awarded either on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.


This site was created to assist fantasy sports fans to orient themselves into the world of roto. It was mainly for beginners but seasoned fans have since seized the opportunity and joined the site. Fans are offered a guide to get started which is often instrumental in improving their onsite experience. offers informative and entertaining content that is comprehensible to all, alluring graphics as an illustration to contents, immediate answers to inquiries, reliable information, honest and first-hand reviews, and a wide variety of sports—football, basketball, MMA, soccer, and daily fantasy sports—to suit everyone’s need.

The mechanisms of fantasy sports are simplified. Selecting a contest, creating a team and earning points for a win is all that fans have to do.


The is a UK-based fantasy sports site that has been operating since 2007. It allows fans to select their fantasy sports and to form teams replicating the stars in the English Premier League such as Mohamed Salah, Mesut Ozil, Harry Kane and many others.

The is among the best daily fantasy sports sites as it allows users to either play on the weekender games, season games, Europe games, or the Play Dream Team option. Additionally, the site developers have factored the importance of football news in assisting players to select their squads. This is why the site has a dedicated news section that is professionally operated by the News Group Newspapers. Common updates revolve around the EPL’s top teams including Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool.


The best daily fantasy sports sites are determined by a number of factors. The first factor is the type of games and leagues being offered. Secondly, the best fantasy sports sites provide the ease of entry and playing. The third factor is the ability of the site to assist the players in getting started. And lastly, the best fantasy sports sites provide on-site information such as news to inform fans of what is transpiring in the sports world.

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