Best Craps Strategy

Best Craps Strategy

At the casino, the loudest section is probably a craps game table. This is because the game creates unmatched excitement as the dealers, box person, stickperson, players, and spectators huddle together to watch, play or direct the game.

Although the enthusiasts of either brick and mortar or online casinos have their valid reasons, the basic fact remains that the offline casino proffers to players a lively experience that is unbeatable by any online casino’s mobility, affordability, convenience and ease of use.

Like any other casino game, there is always a high house edge that is there to secure profits from craps while limiting the return to player (RTP) payouts. Additionally, the house edge is basically the source of revenue to the casino that is used to pay staff, maintenance and operational costs that are fundamental for the running of the enterprise.

Regarding the house edge, craps usually have a figure of 1.41% which means that the return to players can be as high as 98%. However, without strategy it is impossible to beat the system and the house edge can increase to 14% in a few casinos. Therefore, to get a positive outcome, one needs to get great odds by placing the best bets and not the bad ones with low winning probability.

Achieving the great odds requires some strategies to beat the system and break the house edge barrier. The morality of these strategies is beyond question as the house edge for craps often is disproportionately high in comparison to other games like video pokers and blackjack.

The following strategies are vital if you wish to avoid losing money.

1. Stake the Smallest Amounts on the “don’t come” or “don’t pass” bet

First of all, it is important to understand that the house edge for the pass and don’t pass wagers is 1.41% and 1.36%. This information gives credence to the rule as it is the basis for deriving the numerical odds that will be talked about under this approach.

This strategy is also referred to as the odd rules. It helps to determine when to come and pass and when not to. Additionally, the approach rule directs on wagering the biggest amount for the bet.

The logic for the strategy is deduced from the fact that the house edge for the don’t come/don’t pass bet is usually the same for each case in the event that there is a win. But you have the advantage on the free odds bet as the payout is based on real numerical odds. This fact means that the correct bets eliminate the house edge completely and levels the chances for winning.

At the casino, the bets without house edge are the free stakes. However, they are more beneficial when the bet is in the correct increments to avoid losing out if the casino is not paying the wins in fractional dollars. For instance, payouts on free odds of 6 and 8 come at a ratio of 6:5 (stake $5 for a payout of $6). In this case, stake an increment of $5. There are other increments to select from such as payouts for free odds for 4 and 10 which can be 2:1, etc.

2. Avoid the Proposition Bets

This is one of the best craps strategies. The logic behind the approach is based on the fact that proposition bets are settled through a single dice roll. The bets may appeal to you at the first instance, but you have to know that the house edge for single roles can be as high as 50% due to the danger that they pose to eroding all the bets. A couple of the bets and you could be out of the game with empty pockets. Additionally, according to probability mathematics, the chances for a positive outcome in a single dice can be lower than ½.

3. Learn the Technique of Playing the 6 and 8

Craps tableThis strategy is ideal for earning a huge payout for two hits. This strategy is achieved through the following:

  •   Waiting for the shooter to roll out for the second time when making a point.
  •   Betting on either the don’t pass wager line or the pass line.
  •   To get a net wager of $36 put a bet of $18 in the 6 and 8.
  •   When a 6 or 8 roll is done, liaise with the dealer for a $22 inside.
  •   For the following hit, the dealer should take off the 5 and 9.
  •   Allow the shooter to roll the dice for an additional three times before bringing down the 6 and 8.

When you follow the above strategy sequences, you are likely to recoup $21 and $14 as a result of the $22 takedown. The aggregate risk after the initial hit is $1 and $22 is on your advantage. On the next hit, you could earn $7 and a $10 return because of the 5 and 9 takedowns. The essence of the 68 rule is that after the hits, a player acquires a profit of $16 on top of the $12 working favor. Afterward, you have the liberty of taking the working favor off the table or playing the 6 and 8.

Nonetheless, you have to take down the wagers as you wait for the next shooter if the current shooter is not rolling the point and the 6 & 8 roll is not coming by. Moreover, instead of laying down $36, put $24 to avoid losing a substantial sum.

4. Avoiding a Bet on Hard 10 and Hard 4

The hard 4 and 10 have a house edge that is as high as 11%.  This represents a poor bet and you should avoid it at all costs.  The outcome that you are likely to get in this case is 7 to 1 which is high in comparison to the case for numbers 2 and 5. This high house edge is very hard to break and can heavily impact your budget, especially if you bet in the early stages of the craps game.

5. Avoid the Big 6 and 8

Betting on the Big 6 and Big 8 is very risky and should never be on your best craps strategy list. This is despite the fact that the two are not only red but big. Instead, betting on 6 and 8 is better as earlier discussed. This is because the 6 and 8 bets have a payout of 7-1 instead of even-cash (bet $8, and if a big 6 and 8 is rolled, the payout is $8). This shortcoming makes this strategy ideal for placing a bet on the same numbers.

Additionally, the reason for this point is that the house edge for the big 6 and 8 can be as high as 9%, as opposed to the 6 and 8 which is not only lower but serves the same purpose. This strategy is appropriate for safe play because it cushions you from massive losses in the first or initial rounds of the craps session


Although beating casinos at their own game is tricky, these strategies are vital in reducing the chances of losses as they neutralize the house edge. In addition to these strategies, it is vital to first get accustomed to the game by either playing free online games, watching other players try out their luck or visiting the casino more often. After doing the practices and getting accustomed to the game, utilize the strategies at all sessions.

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