Best Basic Blackjack Strategies

Best Basic Blackjack Strategies

Players have often been told that it is easy to win casino table games with blackjack on top of the list. However, few have been able to beat the dealer due to lack of strategy of outsmarting the opponent. Moreover, blackjack tables may have changed and some people who might have taken a break from the game may find it difficult to make a meaningful comeback. This is because some tables use more than one deck for a given round or even a select percentage of cards is removed from the play making it hard for the card counter to see.

Additionally, as one of the most popular online casino games particularly in the USA, the number of players is very high which raises competition levels to heights that require complex strategies if any win is expected.

What is a Blackjack Strategy?

What is a Blackjack Strategy?Strategy is the best approach to playing the blackjack game. A strategy is heavily dependent on statistical analysis and the likelihood of outcomes to determine the most rewarding approach to game play, depending on the particular circumstance of the dealer’s starting card and the player’s card. The key aim is to secure a win as often as possible, to increase the winnings through the double down, to minimize the likelihood of busting and to minimize ensuing losses through choosing not to double or by surrendering.

Incorporating a strategy into the game is important because the standard rules are designed to give the house an edge over a player to maximize casino profits by minimizing the payouts. Additionally, the game does not factor other cards that could have been used in the previous session with a possibility of impacting subsequent cards, which is anchored on card counting technique.

Moreover, for a basic blackjack strategy to secure a win, gamers have to be persistent, concentrative, and patient so that card counting and bankrolling moves are optimally put to effect. From another perspective, a basic blackjack strategy gives a player the house advantage and enables him or her to take advantage of the loopholes that are part of the playing process and not addressed by any rules or game regulation. The core function of these approaches is to guarantee a positive outcome with minimal effort regardless of anything. These tricks cover standing, hitting, splitting pairs and doubling down and are a sure way to a positive outcome.

1. Turning Down the Insurance Bets Strategy

Turning Down the Insurance Bets StrategyOne of the best basic blackjack strategies is the avoidance of insurance bets against the dealer. The reasoning behind the strategy is based on the fact that the likely payout for the insurance bets is explicitly lower than others that are provided for in the main blackjack game. Further, as the blackjack game has a return to player ration (RTP) of at least 99%, insurance bets have lower figures that usually range between 95-97%. In such a case, the safest approach to increase the probabilities of winnings is inversely related to the bets which have to be avoided.

Another explanation of this strategy is that it is impossible for a player to know if there is a favorable insurance bet as the dealer is the only party that can benefit most of the time. Taking chances is, therefore, the only way to go about the game when a dealer, for instance, shows an ace. Nonetheless, it is important to point out that the strategy may result to some winnings in some selected scenarios. The only issue is that by the end of the game, the player might lose the stake.

2. Avoiding Side Bets Strategy

Most of the blackjack games, both offline and online platforms, offer to the gamer an opportunity to participate in several side bets that usually operate independently but consecutive to a normal hand. This is because players are supposed to place a bet on the normal bet in order to get the side bets

Additional explanation to why avoiding the side bets is one of the best basic blackjack strategies is that the blackjack rules explain that side bets are classified into lucky lucky and perfect pairs, which have variations and are often unique to each casino. Therefore, side bets are a wildcard to use and should never be attempted, as they offer no value for the gamer and the house edge is as large as that of the insurance bets.

3. Adjusting to a Game with Multiple Players

Adjusting to a Game with Multiple Players

In offline casinos, a player can use the tip stipulating that cards held by competitors are vital in decision making. The logic for this strategy is that the decisions marked by a player versus other player are the basis that the dealer uses to draw cards for their hand. It is, however, a no-brainer to understand that if the play is based on card counting, the cards that another player holds are critical.  The ratio of low and high cards on the table influences the likelihood of which residual cards the dealer might pick. This knowledge is only useful in decision making for optimal outcome.

In some varying situations, the dealer cannot draw the card until all players have played their turn. In this scenario, this strategy is compromised as it might play a role in affecting the dealer’s card. Standing instead of hitting can also be a failure. However, the basic point is to make a decision after analyzing others’ cards.

4. Surrender Strategy

Surrendering is vital when a player can neither use hit or strand to escape an unfavorable position. This is because the move only results in losing half a stake in the long run as opposed to total loss.

However, the surrender strategy has to be only taken when the dealer has either 9, 10 or A and the player has a hard 16 or when a dealer has 10 against a player’s 15. If the table restricts early surrender or if it is prohibited, hitting is the best strategy to minimize the losses.

5. Splitting Ace and 8-8 Strategy

It is always optimal to split aces. This is because the player then gets an additional card for both aces. For instance, getting an extra 11 accrues benefits as a starting card that can even the limit of one card, making it a good move. In the same way, splitting 8-8 is a good strategy.

6. The Double-down Strategy

The Double-down StrategyThis is one of the best basic blackjack strategies. It reduces the house edge by capitalizing on the positions of strength. Additionally, the approach has the potential of swinging the power balance from the dealer.

The rule of thumb is that a player has to double down on 11. This should be done in all circumstances in all situations with the exception being when facing an ace. Additionally, a player can double 10 in all moves except when a dealer has a 10 or an ace. When the dealer has a 3,4,5, or 6, doubling down 9 is the best strategy.

However, in the case of other strategies, the doubling down approach can be either totally prohibited or partially prohibited (late or early) for a particular blackjack session due to the rules of engagement. Despite all these, if a restriction applies, a player should hit except when a stand is recommended in the four standard situations. (If a dealer has 3,4,6, or 6 against a gamer’s soft 18.)


The best basic blackjack strategies are easy to use to maneuver the dealer. However, varying rules and regulations for select sessions may impact the application. The most important thing to do is to study the requirements beforehand and to have the basic at finger points in order to know when to pull a surprise.

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