Best 2018 PC Gaming Desks

Best 2018 PC Gaming Desks

As an ardent gamer, you know the importance of having comfort when playing any game.  You want a desk that will offer comfort and also support all of your gaming hardware to ensure you win the competition.  It can be a challenge to find the best PC gaming desk to address the individual needs of gamers. These needs can vary depending on the number of monitors, the type of audio set up and where you will place your tower among other factors.

In this article, you will find a variety of gaming computer desks that have diverse features. The list includes a number of gaming desks, including those that are affordable, versatile, and durable along with desks that are a bit expensive with modern design and solid build qualities.  It is a comprehensive review of the best gaming desks with a look at details such as the ease of assembly, build, design, quality, and durability.

Altra Dakota L-Shaped Desk

Altra Dakota L-Shaped DeskIf you are looking for a desk with less storage that will complete your home-office look, then the Altra Dakota is a good choice.  This desk is suitable for people with an empty corner or with limited space to fill. The desk features two open bookshelves which you can use to store your video games, CDs, movies, and mini-towers among other things.

It’s important to note that the Altra Dakota is a sturdy desk that can take up a considerable amount of time to assemble. The desk comes with an installation manual with illustrations that indicate where each part should go.  To assemble the desk, it will take 45 minutes for two people to complete the task. You will need many tools including a head screwdriver, hammer, and a flathead screwdriver. The parts should be manually tightened.

This desk has sufficient space that can be used to store components such as a mouse, keyboard, PC monitor and speakers. The L-shape provides you with ample space where you can use one part for gaming and the other for office work or studying.

The desk stands at 28.3 inches which is ideal for most people but might not be the best choice for you if you’re tall. It is a durable piece of furniture but can be damaged easily as the wood is not as hard as it should be.

The Altra Dakota L-Shaped Desk is a spacious, inexpensive, elegant, and sturdy desk that will fit into the forgotten corners of your house.


  •          The Altra can support up to 100 pounds on its top
  •          It has lots of storage room for anything you want alongside your PC
  •          It features a large surface area top that is adequate for placing large monitors
  •          It offers ample leg room below the desk surface


  •          Assembly of this desk is a bit difficult and rather time-consuming

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk in Black

Arozzi Arena Gaming DeskRelatively expensive, the Arozzi Arena Desk is one of its kind. It has a unique texture and design which are relatively high quality.  The desk has a large space and can hold up to three monitors. It has a curved arc that allows the user to naturally fit any chair into the desk. It also features a customized mouse pad.

The desk weighs 85.5 lbs., so it’s recommended that you have assistance when assembling it.  The complete assembly takes almost one hour and isn’t complicated as there are user instructions. It has a poor coating finish thus the need to clean it with fresh water and a soft cloth every once or twice a year.  It is sturdy and can last for many years.


  •          Can fit three monitors and more accessories on top
  •          Can be easily broken down and transported
  •          Has a waterproof mouse pad.


  •          It is relatively expensive

Ficmax Z-Shaped Gaming Desk

Ficmax Z-Shaped Gaming DeskThe Ficmax Z-Shaped Gaming Desk features Fighting LED Ambience Lighting, which gives this ergonomic PC desk a unique and sleek appearance.  The design makes this desk suitable for being a workbench in a garage. The advantage of this desk is that it is a minimalistic choice, meaning that it keeps away any distractions and has ample space that allows for gaming essentials.


  •          Has a compact size but still offers enough space for dual monitors
  •          Has high-quality materials
  •          Has an ergonomic design


  •          It is expensive

GreenForest L-Shape Corner Computer Office Desk

GreenForest L-Shape Corner Computer Office DeskThe GreenForest L-Shape desk provides you with an office feel that takes up minimal space. It comes in an L-shape format that offers flexibility in its placement, being well-suited for positioning in corners. The design helps you to make use of space that you might not find usable when it comes to other gaming desks.


  •          It has a fully adjustable height
  •          Includes easy-to-follow assembling instructions
  •          Has a strong and thin metal frame allowing the desk to hold more than two monitors


  •          A bit smaller than it appears in images online

Gaming Desk Pro All-In-One Professional Gamer Desk

Gaming Desk Pro All-In-One Professional Gamer DeskIf you are a hardcore gamer, then this is the desk for you. It features console controller storage areas and an under-desk fast storage area. This desk gives you the space to store everything that you require. It is also sturdy and has a high rise top that allows you the space to place the monitor.

Assembling this gaming desk is easy. It has strong steel legs that make it stable and durable.  It also features wireframes that are made with strong metals. The attachments are customizable. Also, it doesn’t have underneath shelves, which is an advantage as you can place the tower and other equipment beneath the desk.

The desk also features trim plates that allow easy wire management, ensuring a neat and welcoming look. It has a work surface area of 41” by 23.5,” providing you with sufficient space to store your things.


  •          Ample storage room
  •          Offers a spot to hold your drink
  •          Has a 10-game storage unit


  •          Requires a little bit of assembly.

DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Edition

DXRacer DGD/1000/NE EditionThe assembly of the DXRacer DGD/1000/NE is a bit tricky for those who may not be enthusiasts of DIY. But the desk comes with clear installation instructions that can be followed easily. It is made of wood, metal, and carbon fiber.  The materials have all been fastened together using strong and durable nuts and bolts. The desk is strong, stable and can support all your gaming hardware, ensuring its safety and offering a neat look.

The desk features a double triangle design that offers a sturdy base. It has a raised perimeter that prevents pens and other objects from falling down. Also, it comes in four different colors that allow you to match your gaming desk with your DXTRacer game chair.

It has an ergonomic design that allows you comfort while gaming. It features the angled desk front that allows the comfortable placement of your forearms.


  •          Portable without damaging the floor
  •          Ample leg room
  •          Has large cloth for covering up the wires
  •          Unique style


Ideally, the best gaming desk will depend on the type of desk you are looking for and how you intend to use it. You must consider the number of monitors you have, your budget and available space.  Using these criteria, you can get the best PC gaming desk of your choice.

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