5 Alternatives to Real Money Online Casinos

5 Alternatives to Real Money Online Casinos 1

Casino gambling is available online in specific states, such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania. So what’s a gambler to do if you don’t live in a state where gambling is legal? There are alternatives to playing in online casinos. Not sure where to start? Here are some suggestions for playing casino-like games when there is no casino around.

Daily Fantasy Sports

With a couple of exceptions, daily fantasy sports are legal in all fifty states in the United States. You pick the sport you want to play, and you pick your team to play in different types of tournament competitions. Some are daily, some are weekly, and some run throughout the entire length of the season. Descriptions of the fantasy sports websites are below.


DraftKings/FanDuelBoth DraftKings and FanDuel are alternatives to real money online casinos. They are used as a website or an app on your phone or tablet. The sites tried to merge together a few years ago, but were ordered by the court system to stay separate. DraftKings still has the original founders. FanDuel was purchased by Paddy Power Betfair in order to enter the US sports gaming market.

The websites operate in largely the same way. Players usually choose to play whatever sport is in season at the time. For example, right now in the US, people are playing fantasy sports games with pro football teams or pro basketball teams. Both football and basketball teams are currently playing their seasons. Players in either DraftKings or FanDuel choose a sport and choose a game to play. They must deposit money, and then they are given money to draft players for their team. Depending on the results, people win money if their players do well based on a point system. Daily fantasy game sites have remained popular in the United States. It is estimated that both DraftKings and FanDuel together pull in $5 billion in revenue each year.


WagerrAnother alternative to real money online casinos is Wagerr, an online sportsbook. Wagerr uses cryptocurrency, which means that players can be anonymous. In the cryptocurrency world, anonymity is precious, because it means that people can operate without the nosiness of government agencies. Wagerr stated that their method is to use blockchain technology to underpin everything they do.

Playing Casino Games for Prizes Rather Than Cash

A great alternative to real money online casinos is to play casino games for prizes. In nearly all states where gambling is illegal, it is okay to play casino games for free to win prizes. However, no cash can be exchanged between player and casino. These online gambling companies make money from advertisements, rather than casino players. There are several options if you love casino games, but live in a state where gambling in casinos is illegal.

Cleo’s VIP Room

Cleo’s VIP RoomThis free online casino room is modeled after the famous Cleopatra, and has an ancient Egyptian theme. Cleo’s VIP room can be played online. It can also be a downloadable app on your iPhone or iPad as well as Android products. Gameplay is free, and there are dozens of games to choose from. You can play traditional casino games such as poker and blackjack, as well as slots games. The room also features games that you wouldn’t ordinarily find in casinos. There are adventure games and games where you work to retrieve a treasure or a series of treasures. In fact, many of the games look like video games that you might play at home. Instead of earning real money, you earn points, which can be redeemed for lots of different prizes. Examples of prizes include jewelry, and electronics, as well as silly prizes such as emoji pillows. Cleo’s offers free spins and free coins with coupons. So look around before you begin to play, to see if you can get some additional free items.

Chumba Casino

Chumba CasinoChumba Casino operates much like a regular online casino does, except that the casino runs on prizes rather than money. The website offers many different styles of poker, slots, blackjack,

, and roulette. Chumba allows you to redeem your points for prizes. In the countries where it is legal, you can opt for your winnings in cash via PayPal. This is one of the few casinos that offer money or prizes if you win, which is a nice feature.

Global Poker

This website offers a lot of different formats to have players from all over the world play. Many people appreciate the fact that they do not have to give their name to get their winnings. The website has chips that you win playing a variety of poker games. The chips can be cashed in for prizes or virtual currency. There are many different poker-type games on the site. If you want to try your hand at different types of poker, you may want to start here. The prizes at Global Poker range from pillows to makeup, jewelry, and electronics.

Additional Possible Options

There are a few other possible alternatives to real money online casinos on social media. Facebook, in particular, has many different gaming options to choose from. There are several online casinos on Facebook. Examples include High Five Casino, Double Down Casino, Vegas Slots, and others. These casinos also offer prizes for play rather than money. They are safe to play in any state in the US, whether gambling is legal in the state or not. Facebook has thousands of games for you to try, and prizes have included vacations shopping sprees and electronics.

You may have never been to Vegas, but want to try the casino games that look like fun on TV. Or maybe you love Vegas, and can’t wait to go back. Either way, online gaming has something for you. For many Americans, the problem is that casino games are not legal in their state. Relatively few states in the US have legal online casino gambling or sportsbooks. With the alternatives available online and through applications, you can have nearly as much fun as you would in Vegas. Vegas has great food, show stopping dancers, an amazing pool scene and a great party atmosphere. However, you can’t play in casinos dressed in your cat pajamas. You can play online games without putting on real clothes or needing to run a brush through your hair. Best of all, the online casino games are legal in all 50 states.

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